Different solutions for shop anti-theft systems


Different solutions for shop anti-theft systems

The shop anti-theft system is generally divided into two schemes, one is the total export type, as shown in the A scheme in the figure, and the other is the cashier channel type, as shown in the B scheme in the figure.
Different solutions for shop anti-theft systems
Advantages and disadvantages of the two ways
1.Advantages of plan-A
Because  the antenna only needs to be placed at the total exit, the quantity of antennas required is relatively small,so it can save money and in the orther hand  it can make more space next to the checkout counter for customers to walk.

2.Disadvantages of plan-A

Because it is far from the cashier, there is a certain risk, because some customers may install goods in the bag, do not carry out checkout and cashier operations, and remove the security label on the way from the checkout counter to the exit, then the antenna cannot It was detected that the thief had successfully stolen.

1.Advantages of plan-B

One equipment protects two independent channels, and the effective protection spacing is 0.6-0.8 meters on one side, which fully satisfies the supermarket's product loss prevention requirements, and the layout is more beautiful. The customer has unconsciously completed the loss detection during the settlement process. It does not affect the customer's sense of free shopping experience, and greatly takes care of the customer's psychological feelings, and the customer's self-compliance is fully protected. Allow customers to maximize the recognition of the supermarket.

2.Disadvantages of plan-B

Because each antenna needs to be placed next to the checkout counter, the number of antennas required is relatively large,so the cost is relatively high.

Different solutions for shop anti-theft systems
Different solutions for shop anti-theft systems
Shop anti theft system- total exit EAS anti-theft solution
Shop anti theft system- cashier channel EAS anti-theft solution
Design Principles of shop anti theft system

1) Guarantee the normal circulation of personnel and goods yards

(2) Facilitate the handling of alarm situations by security personnel

(3) Ensure that goods are effectively protected

Configuration instructions

1. An antenna  for each cash register channel, one for non-purchasing special channel (optional), one for entrance (for entry non-shopping channel) or for several (full installation), one for receipt (supply) Business channel). two for employee channels.

2. One decoder for each cashier, and the counter cashier is optional.

3. One unlocker for each cash register, and the counter cashier is optional.

4.Soft labels, hard tags and other consumables depending on the needs.

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Different solutions for shop anti-theft systems
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