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                                                                  Classification and application of retail security systems

Retail refers to the direct sale of goods and services by the merchant to the end consumer. Its characteristic is that the number of transactions per commodity is relatively small and the number of transactions is frequent. The retail security system is a security protection system generated for the retail sector. There are many types in retail security system, such as EAS security systems and display stand merchandise and hook display and package display and showcase and drawer smart locks, as well as POS systems and retail management software.

----EAS System

The EAS security system is mainly composed of anti-theft antenna and anti-theft soft label or hard tag and decoder or unlocker. The anti-theft antenna is placed on the entrance and exit. The anti-theft label and tag are all placed on the merchandise, and the decoder or unlocker is placed on closed to the cash register and ext to the station. After the customer purchases the goods, the cashier must first decode the label through the decoder or the unlocker the hard tag, and then enter the cash register system. After the customer pays, the customer can take the goods away, otherwise the customer will go out with the goods with the security label and hard tags, the EAS security door will alarm. In this case, we can refer to the retail security solution provided by Nanjing Bohang Electronics Co., Ltd. for the new retail brand Nome in China. Nome is an emerging retail store brand, similar to the famous brand MINISO. There will be many kinds of Goods, including towels, sun glasses, hats, etc. Towels and cups are generally protected with a secure hard tag, and sunglasses can be either soft labels or hard tags. But the principle is the same, it will alarm according to the frequency. The frequencies include 8.2MHz and 58KHz. 8.2MHz is the RF system, and 58KHZ is the acoustic magnetic system. Regardless of whether it is an RF or an AM system, it is divided into mono type and dual type depending on the launch mode. It is classified into ABS, acrylic, and aluminum alloy depending on the material.

When using the EAS product, we must pay attention to know how to operate. In order to keep the system in normal use and operation. The test power is turned on first before the business starts every day, and the indicator light on the power control box is on. Then, the internal program of the system is tested for self-test. After 30-90 seconds, the system enters normal operation after the self-test ends. The EAS system administrator can test the detector with a standard test card or a hard tag. The hand naturally hangs down, leveling the test card or hard label plane with the detector plane, and then passing the detector at a normal speed at a distance of 1 meter from the detector. The detector should be able to issue an alarm, the beep will sound and the light will flash, indicating that it is working properly. If the system does not have an alarm, it can be repeated several times. Detector power or total power should be turned off after each day of business.In addition, the mall should assign reliable employees to be responsible for daily inspection, use and maintenance, turn on the power before opening every day, routinely test the performance of the equipment, and make certain records, shut down the system power after the day off. Do not place any metal decorations or festive lights on the detector to avoid interference with the normal operation of the system.
----Display security 
Display security include the safety and sales of mobile phones, tablets, electronic accessories, cameras, laptops, electronic accessories and other general merchandise. Our retail security system is designed to provide a superior customer experience, improve operational efficiency, enable quick re-marketing, and maintain a consistent look across all display stands. Like China's well-known brands Xiaomi and Huawei, we provide exclusive security anti-theft solutions. Including mobile phone and tablet safety brackets and anti-theft security doors at the door. Display frame theft is generally divided into independent and centralized.  Stand-alone is that it does not require a host, and it has its own advantages. It has the advantages of being beautiful and convenient, but relatively high in price. The centralized one is to connect a large number of devices with one host. Generally, there are 2 and 4 ports, 6 ports and 8 ports, and then connect different wires to the items to be protected. Its advantages are low cost and low footprint. However, it may affect the appearance because there are so many cables.

----Hook-up items
Hook-up items are designed to ensure the safety of high-theft products such as batteries, printer inks, and mobile phone accessories. Safe display hooks and security boxes are available. This is also an essential product in retail stores, although the volume is relatively small, but the use is very large.

In short, the retail security system is a very broad definition that can be applied to many areas.

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