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Nanjing Bohang EM system

EM system is short for Electromagnetic system.The biggest advantage of the EM system is that it can be repeatedly magnetized and demagnetized.This can save the cost of using the label.EM system is mainly used for library security,you can attach the EM magnetic strip to the book for book theft prevention.The response of the magnetic strip is weak and the EM system requires a low-frequency (usually 70 Hz to 1 kHz) high-intensity magnetic field, so the EM antenna is larger than the antenna used in most other EAS systems, and between the probes at the entrance. The maximum distance is 1 meter. In addition, since the low frequency is used here, the magnetic strip can be directly attached to the metal surface. This is why EM systems are widely used in hardware stores, bookstores, lending libraries and record stores.

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