The Principle of Bohang EAS System

Do you know the principle of EAS system? Bohang is a manufacturer dedicated to the production of EAS in retail stores, which has been recognized and supported by the majority of users. Today, Bohang will introduce in detail the working principle of EAS system, hoping to help you to know EAS.  

The EAS system mainly includes: 

1. electromagnetic wave EAS system with anti-theft magnetic strip.

2. RF EAS system with a variety of soft labels, hard tags, milk powder buckles, wine bottle buckles, detachers, deactivators, etc.

3. AM anti-theft label system with DR label.LE label.

Explain the simple principle of EAS system in supermarket: using the magnetic field change induction of anti-theft label and anti-theft door to produce alarm signal, then using the sound and light form to alarm, so as to play the role of anti-theft. The actual use is obvious, the alarm rate is more than 95%. In real life, some supermarket EAS system does not alarm, the reason is that there is no anti-theft label on the goods, or the EAS system is not used correctly. According to the 8.2MHz standard of alarm, as long as it is not decoded, it will alarm when it meets the RF.

At present, supermarkets mostly use two kinds of EAS system, one is RF system,  8.2MHz alarm standard. The other is AM system, 58KHz alarm standard. The latter technology is superior, but the cost is higher. Our customers mostly use RF system, through fiaxing 8.2MHz soft labels and hard tags on commodities, setting RF antenna at the door to detect the presence of 8.2MHz frequency, sensing the alarm effect. AM system can be used in clothing stores, bookstores, libraries and mobile phone stores, etc. The frequency of AM system is 58KHz, the detection rate is higher, almost “zero” false alarm.
RF system is an electric field in which the radio frequency antenna sends out FM signal and then generates alert. When a radio frequency tag enters the electric field, the EAS system will resonate and alarm. AM system is a resonance phenomenon produced by the tuning fork principle, which can approach the operation of almost zero false alarm. When the frequency of the signal coincides with the oscillation frequency of the label, the label will cause resonance and produce resonance signal, while AM system will alarm. AM system is better than RF system in any aspects besides price. If the store has a wider installation width, the distance between soft labels is 1.2-1.6 meters; the detection distance between hard tags is 1.6-2.4 meters, but the two kinds of labels are generally higher than RF frequency. AM can achieve wireless synchronization without frequency offset. Secondly, the stability and anti-interference performance of AM system is better than RF system, and it will not be interfered as strongly as RF system. AM system can be applied to most store environments.
Every customer purchases EAS system according to one’s own store needs. The best one is suitable for him. Before buying EAS system, we must understand clearly. Bohang welcomes your consultation.
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