What’s the Difference between hard tags and soft tags?



Do you want to buy some security labels to protect your products? Are you still unclear about the difference between so many types of tags? Don't understand the difference between hard tags and soft tags? Please read this article and it will give you the answer!

What difference does it make when you choose one over the other?

Although it is understood from the word that one is a hard tag and one is a soft tag, the two kinds of tags are actually completely different. In terms of materials, working principles, and cost, these two types of tags have their own advantages and disadvantages. The way it is used will vary. This makes it difficult for you to make the right decision when choosing. We must understand the difference between the two types of labels and arrange them on the product in order to play the anti-theft value of security labels.

Hard tag

A hard label is a reusable label that has a hard texture and is resistant to abrasion. There are several types of hard tags: bottle tag, milk power tag, pencil hard tag, shoulder hard tag, RFID hard tag, ink tag, etc. These tags can be found in supermarkets, clothing stores, department stores, and other places.

When the hard tag is used, the tag must be attached to the product, which cannot be removed by human hands. After the customer pays, the cashier uses the unlocker to remove the hard tag. Hard tags are reusable, and they are usually used in clothing stores and luggage stores.


Soft label

Soft labels look like stickers. Soft labels are attached to products to protect them. There are two types of common soft tags: AM soft tags and RF soft tags.

If someone takes away the anti-theft soft-label product and takes it out of the supermarket without paying, when passing the eas antenna system at the exit, the antenna will detect the corresponding signal and issue an alarm sound. Therefore, after the customer purchases the product, the cashier must use a demagnetizer to demagnetize the soft label. In addition, soft labels are disposable and do not need to be removed from the product.


Comparison of soft and hard tags

  Hard tag Soft label
Material ABS engineering plastic shell Composed of paper, aluminum foil, glue
Cost Expensive Cheap
Frequency 58Khz,8.2Mhz 58Khz,8.2Mhz
Detection distance (AM)3m、(FR)2.2m (AM)1.6m、(FR)1.2m
Detection Systems AM,FR AM,FR
Application Clothing, shoes, hats, bottles, milk powder, towels, etc. Mainly used in cosmetics, food, etc



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