Supermarket Anti-theft Solution in Retail Security System

The most important thing in the retail Security system is the supermarket anti-theft. Today we will talk about the solution of the supermarket anti-theft.


1. Demand Analysis:
With the increasing popularity of clothing chain stores and supermarkets in China, the phenomenon of commodity loss is becoming more and more serious. How to prevent goods from being stolen and how to protect the safety of shopping malls has attracted more and more attention from retailers.


Electronic anti-theft system (EAS) in shopping malls has changed from traditional man-to-man system to technology-based system. Because EAS can effectively prevent the loss of goods and improve economic efficiency.


It has been gradually recognized and accepted by the majority of businessmen, and is increasingly widely used in the Chinese market. Most of the world's large retail enterprises use electronic anti-theft devices.


EAS systems are installed in shopping malls in big cities with developed commerce, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. EAS has become the mainstream and trend of anti-theft in supermarkets!


2. Classification and performance index comparison of electronic anti-theft system in shopping malls:

There are four main technologies in EAS system: radio frequency, electromagnetic, acoustic magnetic and radio frequency identification. Because electromagnetic and radio frequency products are cheap, and their labels are usually permanently pasted on commodities or commodity packaging; while microwave and acoustic magnetic labels are more expensive, most supermarkets will choose electromagnetic and radio frequency labels.


So it is explained by electromagnetic and radio frequency. Radio Frequency: It is mainly composed of detector, decoder and electronic tag. The auxiliary equipment includes unlocker. Electronic labels are divided into soft labels and hard labels. Soft labels have lower cost and can be directly attached to more "hard" goods.


Soft labels can not be reused. Hard labels have higher one-time cost than soft labels, but they can be reused. Hard labels should be equipped with special nail pickers, mostly for soft, penetrating clothing items. Decoders are mostly non-contact devices with a certain decoding height.


When the cashier cashes or bags, the tag can be decoded without touching the demagnetization area. There are also devices that combine the decoder and the laser bar code scanner, so that the receipt and decoding of goods can be completed at one time to facilitate the cashier's work.


This method should cooperate with the laser bar code supplier to eliminate the mutual interference between them and improve the decoding sensitivity. Detectors are generally the detection system devices at the entrance and exit of shopping malls or at the checkout channel.


After receiving the correct amount payable by a customer for the purchase of a commodity, the cashier can authorize the commodity to leave a designated area legally by neutralizing the label attached to the commodity.


When uncoded goods are taken away from the mall, an alarm will be triggered when the detector device (mostly door-shaped) is passed, thus reminding cashiers, customers and store security personnel to deal with them in a timely manner.


Electromagnetic system: mainly composed of anti-theft antenna, magnetizing and demagnetizing device, magnetic strip; auxiliary magnetic strip detector.


Performance indicators:

1. Detection rate Detection rate is the number of alarms when the number of valid labels per unit passes through different locations of the detection area in different directions.


Radio Frequency: For daily-use Department stores, because of its soft label ring coil type, if the protected goods have tin foil or metal components, it will lose the alarm effect, and the comprehensive alarm rate is low. Generally 60-80%;

Electromagnetic system: Because the consumables used in the device are magnetic strips, they are not affected by foil or small metal components, and the alarm rate can be greater than 95%. 

Bohang's Partner - Suguo

1. Anti-metal interference ability: Radio/RF system is the most seriously affected by metal shielding, which may be one of the main limitations of radio/RF in practical use. Electromagnetic wave system will also be affected by metal objects.


When large pieces of metal enter the detection area of electromagnetic wave system, the system will appear "stop" phenomenon. When metal shopping carts and shopping baskets pass by, even if the goods inside have valid labels, there will be no alarm because of shielding.


2. Protection Width: Shopping malls need to consider the protection width of anti-theft system, so as not to narrow the width between supports, affecting customers' entry and exit. Besides, shopping malls all want more spacious entrances and exits.


Generally, the installation width of electromagnetic system is 75-120 cm, and the radio frequency is 90-160 cm.


3. Protecting commodity types: 

From the whole protection scope of department stores, because many small commodity packaging paper in supermarkets contain tinfoil or metal components, the protection soft label of radio frequency system is easy to shield and not alarm, the number of protected commodities is relatively small, and the protection type of electromagnetic system is larger than that of radio frequency system.


4. Price considerations: 

the price of anti-theft antenna of electromagnetic system is higher than that of radio frequency system; the price of consumables of electromagnetic system is much lower than that of radio frequency system.

Compared with closed-circuit television system, the advantages of electronic anti-theft system are very obvious:


(1) high efficiency. The electronic anti-theft system catches the burglar on the spot when he goes out, which has a great deterrent effect on the theft.


Even if the supervisor observes the act of hiding goods, the closed-circuit television system can only search and inspect the burglar until he goes out. The tracking time is long, and it is not necessarily effective.


(2) Save manpower. Closed-circuit television system requires several people to stare at the screen from day to night, which greatly increases the wage cost of the shopping mall and the difficulty of its operation.


The electronic anti-theft system can be managed by security personnel on a part-time basis.


1. Selection of working methods and equipment of electronic anti-theft system in shopping malls: Steps of anti-theft detection:


(1) . Attach anti-theft labels to commodities.


(2) Install detectors at the outlet or cashier channels of the stores.


(3) The goods after payment are decoded by a special decoder to invalidate the label decoding or unlock the label.


(4) When unpaid goods (paid labels) pass through the exit, the door detector detects the labels and issues an alarm to stop the goods from going out.


Electromagnetic system: anti-theft antenna + magnetizing and demagnetizing device + magnetizing and demagnetizing device (8 cm iron composite or 6 cm cobalt composite strip is recommended)

2. The characteristics of commodity anti-theft system of Bohang:


(1) Electromagnetic system: Description: stable performance, high alarm rate, high-grade design, is the first domestic single channel installation width of 120 cm electromagnetic anti-theft system, is now exported to the European Union, the Americas, Russia, Japan and other places, suitable for bookstores, libraries, audio-visual stores, pharmacies, cosmetics stores and so on.


Specific description: Single channel 120 cm.  


High sensitivity: The shortest magnetic strip can be detected by 3 cm, and all magnetic strip products on the market can be detected with high security.


Good stability: With the world's most advanced DSP technology, perfect to ensure the stability and reliability of the system.


No false alarm: Advanced self-checking ability of the detector, effectively identify and filter external interference sources, achieve the ideal effect of high alarm and no false alarm required by expert customers.


Strong anti-metal ability: self-developed intelligent digital micro-computer control technology and three-loop synchronous recursive filtering technology, unprecedentedly improve the anti-metal interference ability of the system, and free regulation of anti-metal interference.


Strong technical pertinence: the company has designed a series of products with the best technical pertinence to meet the installation requirements of large and medium-sized bookstores, libraries, pharmacies, audio-visual stores, cosmetics stores and so on, providing the most accurate professional anti-theft services for customers in various industries.


The appearance design is avant-garde and the details are perfect: the company's anti-theft system has two main styles of science and technology and elegance in appearance. Among them, a series of products with scientific and technological style are highlighted.


The appearance is concise, the lines are smooth, and the color design of gray, white and black is pure and beautiful, which perfectly reflects the characteristics of the new technology era and is suitable for the pursuit of science and technology.


Shang's customer installation; a series of products highlighting elegant style, elegant appearance, exquisite streamline, the main part of the design by deep and light pure wood color and fine steel, crystal, plastic and other materials perfect combination, suitable for the pursuit of elegant, mellow cultural atmosphere of customer installation.


High cost-performance ratio: close to international quality of technology capital and domestic first introduced ultra-low installation, agency prices, for you to play the most efficient management concept with the smallest investment perfect implementation, to provide the highest cost-performance solution.


High sensitivity: special weak alarm signal recognition technology. Good stability: With the world's most advanced DSP (digital signal processing) technology and phase-locked three-loop synchronous recursive filtering technology, perfect to ensure the stability and reliability of the system.


No false alarm: fully automatic self-adaptive, self-detection technology, automatic gain control technology, effective identification, filtering and suppression of external environmental interference, to achieve the ideal effect of high alarm and no false alarm

5. Bohang Service Commitment.

Pre-sale commitment:

1. We guarantee that the product performance and parameters provided are absolutely true and reliable.


2. Our company guarantees that the products recommended for you are the most advanced products in the industry.


3. Our company provides related products to ensure the quality of goods, and to ensure that the use of the process will not cause harm to the human body.


In-sales service:

1. Our company guarantees that the delivered equipment and accessories are in full conformity with the catalogue ordered by Party A, and provides instructions and warranty cards to ensure Party A's normal use, otherwise Party B should unconditionally replace them;


2. Our company provides training within the scope of business and handling of common problems for users;


3. I. The company shall ensure the timely delivery of Party A's orders, and consider the time of the goods on the way.

After-sales service: 1. We will conduct use guidance 2. Free maintenance 3. Dissatisfied with immediate replacement.



2. The function of commodity anti-theft system:

(1) preventing theft: commodity anti-theft system changes the way of "man-to-man" and "man-to-goods" in the past. It endows commodities with a self-defense ability by means of high-tech, so that safety measures can be implemented on every commodity, and thoroughly and effectively solve the problem of commodity theft, installing commodity anti-theft system is better than not. The theft rate should be reduced by 60%-70% when installing the anti-theft system.


(2) Simplified management: Commodity anti-theft system can effectively simplify the work tasks of staff and improve work efficiency.


(3) Improving the atmosphere of the reading room: In the past, people-to-people mode made many readers feel unfree. The anti-theft system of goods can create a good and relaxed learning environment for customers to choose and buy goods freely and unconstrainedly.


(4) Deterrence function: The commodity anti-theft system prevents customers from holding hands in a tough and polite way, avoids disputes caused by human factors, respects human rights and safeguards the interests of supermarkets.


For the thieves, the commodity anti-theft system creates a huge psychological deterrent to them, eliminating the "one-minded" difference. The idea of stealing.


(5) Beautifying the environment: The commodity anti-theft system itself is a kind of high-tech product. Its beautiful appearance and excellent manufacturing technology can be integrated with modern and magnificent decoration to achieve the "icing on the cake" effect.


While protecting commodities, it also beautifies the environment of the shopping mall. It is a high-grade supermarket to show its economic strength and strength. Technological content of the landmark equipment is the inevitable trend of the development of modern supermarkets.


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