Types of Clothing Anti-Theft Security Labels (Learn all in 5 minutes)

Classification of Clothing Anti Theft Labels

There are two main types of clothing anti-theft tags. One is the anti-theft soft tag and the other is the anti-theft hard tag.
The clothing anti-theft label can choose any type of anti-theft label that you like, which is easy to use and has good anti-theft function. It can be reused and has a long service life.
We have listed the types of clothing anti-theft tags commonly used in the market, if you need them, you can contact us!

Clothing Pencil Anti-theft Security Tag

Pencil tag means pencil-shaped tag, generally gray and black.The length range is generally between 40-75 mm.The nails can be equipped with 16mm or 19mm steel nails or plastic nails.Of course, pencil tags can also be made with lanyards.

The main factor that determines the quality of the pencil tag is the ABS quality of the shell, which is divided into brand new ABS and recycled ABS, and another factor is the magnetic bar, which is divided into 25 mm, 33 mm and 39 mm.

The pencil tag can be made into AM or RF.But in general, pencil tags are made into AM (58KHz frequency) more.

 Pencil tag with nails

Pencil tag is a type of tag that is widely used on clothing anti-theft.It is often made black or gray, and the general length is 46 mm, but there are many other sizes that are similar.

 Pencil tag with lanyard

Lanyard tags are more widely used, as long as there is a gap in the product that can be inserted into the lanyard, lanyard tags can be used.

Clothing Golf Anti-theft Security Tag

Golf tags are named "golf tags" because they are round and look like golf. The colors of golf tags are generally divided into black and white, and the surface is generally divided into smooth and pockmarked.

Golf tags can be made into RF or AM, and their proportions are similar.
The main advantage of golf tags is that they are relatively large in size, can be easily found, and are less harmful to clothing.

Ink Security Clothing Hard Tag

The Ink Tag is perfect for a clothing store. If clothing secured with an Ink Tag is stolen, the clothing will be ruined when the thief tries to remove the Ink Tag.

Ink tags can generally be divided into two types, one is that the ink only exists in the needle, and another security tag and needle are required to combine to form a complete ink tag. There is another type, that is, the ink and the magnetic rod and needle are together, which is a complete ink tag.
The main advantage of ink tags is that there are kinds of colors of ink, which can remark the tag.

Security Anti-theft Super Tag for Clothing

The biggest advantage of the super label is that it can resist metal shielding and can have a wider detection distance. And it must be opened with a special manual unlocker. The best brand made by Supertag is the Sensormatic Super Tag.

Super tags can only be made into AM (58KHz),
Super Hard Tag

Regarding super tags, there are different shapes, wide and narrow
 Super Hard Tag Handle detacher

Regarding the detacher, it is non-magnetic and requires a special unlocker hook to open the tag.

Clothing Self Alarm Tags

Self-alarm tags are mainly used in luxury goods because self-alarm tags are relatively expensive and more expensive than ordinary tags.

Double alarm tag

Triple alarm tag

Clothing Non-woven Security Soft Label

Non-woven fabric security labels for clothing are generally directly sewn on the clothing. They have DR labels inside. Generally, the labels of such non-woven fabrics are directly customized by textile companies. When the garment leaves the factory, it will be sewn directly on the garment. This kind of label also contains different shapes, and different text content can also be written on the label.
AM DR label with non-woven shell

Non-woven AM soft label that can be cut off


Do you need to buy these clothing anti-theft tags? We are a professional retail anti-theft system supplier. Provide professional anti-theft equipment and solutions to various retail stores around the world. To ensure the safety of their products, please contact us if you need it!
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