The Introduction of Security System, let you know it better

Security system is also called EAS system, its full name is Electronic Article Surveillance.We can also call Electronic Anti-theft System for Commodities. Commodity electronic anti-theft system is to prevent goods from being stolen, reduce business losses, and catch thieves.


The electronic anti-theft system for commodities consists of detectors, electronic induction labels, deactivator and detacher. The detector is divided into radio frequency antenna and acoustic-magnetic antenna --RF system and AM system.


---The detection system

The detection system consists of a transmitting system, a receiving system and a system power supply, which is placed at the exit, an employee channel, a dressing room, etc. It is used to detect electronic induction labels on goods.


The detection system has a single seat and two supports, one main and one pair. The main engine works independently, one send and one receive. This is transmitting system and  receiving system.


When the thieves carry the goods through the detection system, the hard or soft labels on the goods will resonate with the frequency of the detection system, and the alarm will ring. In this way, employees and security can deal with related problems in a timely manner.


The detection system of Bohang has strong anti-jamming ability and stable performance. The maximum detection distance can reach 2.6 meters. However, there should be no large electrical appliances around the detection system, it will affect the effect and produce false alarm.


Bohang also provides free drawing design services. As long as you give us the drawings of the CAD, we will design the best plan for you free of charge, and make the drawings on that day. We have a professional team of engineers to give you pre-sale and after-sale answers.


A topic of great concern is the price of anti-theft detectors. Many people think that the price of Bohang's anti-theft device is too expensive. The anti-theft system sold by Bohang is middle and high-end, not other products without quality assurance on APP. Bohang's services are beyond the reach of many other competitors. We promise quality assurance, 8-year quality assurance and free maintenance.


The testing system was designed by Italian designer and developed jointly by Nanjing University of Technology and Zhejiang University. Price can reflect quality to some extent. So don't think Bohang's anti-theft device is expensive, it has a certain value.


Some customers will be concerned about how large stores need to install anti-theft detection system. Small personal clothing stores in general small supermarkets do not need to be installed, because the shop assistants can see every corner of the store at a glance, the cost of installing anti-theft system is too high.


Which store needs to install anti-theft system? Large supermarkets, clothing stores, retail stores, especially large bookstores and libraries, need to install anti-theft systems, which can reduce staff costs and greatly reduce losses.


If you are not sure whether your store needs to install anti-theft system, you can consult the staff of Bohang, we are 24 hours online, free to answer your questions.

---Inductive tag

Induction labels are divided into hard tag, soft labels and other special labels according to their performance. 


Hard labels consist of label pins and hard labels. They mainly protect cloth products and knitwear, shoes, hats and so on. Soft labels, such as bar codes, are mainly used for small items such as detergents and chemicals. Special labels are used to protect some special products, such as milk powder labels. Protective box, wire rope, etc.


The price of the same hard label is different, so you must wonder why. Hard label shell is made of plastic, it contains some small parts such as magnetic rods, the shell is divided into two or three materials, and the number of recycling is related to the first material even new material, so the hard label of the first material is more expensive.


Even if the second material has been recycled once, even if the third material has been recycled twice, the quality is not good. So Bohang's hard labels are all made of first-class new ABS materials with guaranteed quality, which can be recycled many times and guaranteed for five years.


The quality of our hard label is guaranteed. The pulling force of 48KG will not be damaged. Generally, the secondary and tertiary materials will break when they are pulled and break when they fall. You can rest assured that you can choose the hard label of Bohang.


Placement Order of Hard tags

Now determine the location of the label on the product, and then push the label pin out from the inside to the outside of the product.Aim the eye of the label at the label pin. Press the two thumbs on the head of the label pin until all the pins are inserted into the label eye.


Hard labels are mainly applicable to soft goods.Hard labels should be placed in the same place on the goods, so that the goods on the shelf look neat and beautiful, but also convenient for the cashier to pick up the labels.



Label placement must be carried out before the goods are put on the shelf, so as to facilitate the control of the rate of placement of labels and prevent repetitive placement. In addition, the following basic principles should be followed when installing hard labels or pasting soft labels on goods.


Principles for the Use of Labels:

①Cashiers are easy to find and easy to pick up tickets.

②Non-Damage Commodity, No discount label

③Do not affect the beauty. Do not cover up important information on goods or packaging


In order to avoid the cashier forgetting to deal with the label when he receives the money, the company recommends that the induction label be placed in a more prominent position, and try to unify and narrow the scope of the label placed on the goods.


Soft labels should be attached to the smooth and clean surface of commodity or commodity packaging, while keeping the labels straight, do not bend and fold. Do not place soft labels on goods or packages with important instructions, such as ingredients, methods of use, date of production, etc.


Commodities with curved surfaces, such as bottled cosmetics, alcoholic drinks, detergents, etc., can vertically paste soft labels on the curved surfaces, bearing in mind that the labels can not be bent, and the acoustic and magnetic soft labels may fail after bending.


In order to prevent illegal tearing of labels, sticky stickers are used in the labels. Be careful not to stick them on leather products, because if the labels are forcibly torn off, the surface of the goods will be damaged.


Soft labels should be hidden. In order to better play the role of anti-theft, stores can place labels in commodities or commodity packaging boxes according to the characteristics of commodities, but several points must be paid attention to when using this method.


First of all, there should be a common reference mark, such as bar code, etc. Then the label should be hidden within the 6 cm range around the reference mark, so that the large body position of the label compiled by the cashier can be avoided, so as to avoid the possible degaussing omission phenomenon in the operation process.


Acoustic and magnetic labels have waterproof labels, which can be placed in non-drinking liquids, such as shampoo and laundry detergent, etc., to play a more concealed effect.Hidden labels should not be placed in places that affect goods


Label placement should be arranged according to commodity loss and season.Commodities with high loss rate can often change the way of sticking soft labels, which can protect commodities more effectively. However, no matter which method is adopted, it should be based on the accurate demagnetization of cashiers.


More labels should be affixed to the goods with serious loss. Sometimes they can even be re-affixed. The goods with low loss rate can be less sticky or non-sticky. Please do not paste some goods: articles packaged with tinfoil, such as chocolate, chewing gum, some alcoholic drinks, some milk, etc. Non-expendable and carry-on items such as wallets, handbags, and other trinkets


---Special label

There are tens of millions of goods in stores. It is difficult to protect them with ordinary hard labels and soft labels. So there are special labels, such as wine bottle buttons, milk powder buttons, CD protection boxes, tape protection boxes, cigarette protection boxes and so on. The operation of these electronic labels is relatively simple. If necessary, you can consult us.

---Deactivator and Detacher

The decoder consists of a decoder and a decoder board, which is placed at the cash register to remove the alarm performance of the electronic induction soft label. Lock opener is placed at the cash register to open and recycle electronic induction hard labels and some special labels.

Through my detailed explanation, I believe you have a comprehensive understanding of the security system, and you are welcome to consult our staff at any time.

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