The classification of shop anti theft system


The classification of shop anti theft system

Shop anti theft system typically include video surveillance systems and electronic article surveillance and personnel security systems. Today I will focus on the electronic article surveillance.
Brief introduction of electronic article surveillance
With the improvement of people's living standards and the accelerated pace of life, the self-selected supermarkets provide consumers with convenient and fast shopping methods, which are more and more popular among consumers. The emergence of a large number of shops, on the one hand, brings great convenience to consumers, which significantly improves the service quality and economic benefits of the merchants, and at the same time brings a headache to the merchants - theft of goods.So slowly the  electronic article surveillance was created.
Electronic Article Surveillance is short for EAS, also known as electronic goods anti-theft system. It is one of the commodity security measures widely used in the large retail industry. The EAS system is mainly composed of an EAS antenna, a decoder (Deactivator) and an security label (or security hard tag).
BH9677 eas am antenna
eas deactivator
eas dr soft label
 EAS antenna

It is placed at the  entrance of the shop for alarm


It is placed next to the checkout counter for label decoding.

 Security soft label

It is attached to the surface of the product and used to transmit signals to the antenna.


eas rf system Bohang China
eas tag remover Bohang China
eas hard tag Bohang China

EAS antenna

It is placed at the  entrance of the shop for alarm


It is placed next to the checkout counter for label decoding.

 Hard tag

It is attached to the surface of the product and used to transmit signals to the antenna.

Working principle of EAS 
The detection antenna is placed at the doorway, and the goods are buckled with soft or hard labels. If the goods are not decoded or unlocked by the checkout counter and exit the store door, the detection antenna will automatically sound an alarm, thereby notifying the clerk that the store goods have been stolen. It will not be like the monitoring system, it will make customers feel uncomfortable and can not be installed in the fitting room, but also play a deterrent role, so that the thief does not dare to come in.
What is the principle of the EAS alarm unlocker? The alarm is detected by the unlocker. The eas security label has a lock cylinder. The lock cylinder consists of three steel balls, springs and other accessories. After the nail is inserted into the label, the nail is locked. The core is locked. (It is stuck by the 3-ball ball. The structure of the lock core is small and large above.) Therefore, it is tighter and tighter. Unless the plastic case is broken, if the plastic case is strong enough, it is fundamental. Can not pull out. This requires the use of the unlocker, the magnetic force of the unlocker will suck the steel ball inside the lock cylinder, there is space between the nail and the steel ball. The nail can be separated from the label. The unlocker says that it is a magnet called magnetic steel. The magnetism is very strong. It will not alarm when it encounters the detector. The anti-theft process and principle of the electronic anti-theft system (EAS) of the supermarket goods. 
1. The product has no anti-theft tag, only the barcode Is every item magnetic on the barcode? How come? 
2. In addition to identifying the price of the commodity, the checkout code of the checkout counter has the effect of degaussing. If not, where is the degaussing of the goods at the time of payment? 
3, bought a bulk of things, labeled after the label, if you tear, take it out will not alarm.
If the magnet can interfere with the magnetic on the product, escape the anti-theft system?
1. Bar code has no anti-theft effect
2. Degaussing on a board on the checkout counter without degaussing (degaussing board)
3. No, paper labels are not anti-theft labels, magnets are not necessarily said, sometimes they can interfere with sometimes not, just like mobile phones and anti-theft labels, sometimes they can interfere, but sometimes they will ring.

Of course, these are just a part of the shop anti theft system , and I will introduce you more about it later.
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