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Today, mobile experience stores are becoming more popular. In order to bring customers a better and more free experience, we need to show the perfect appearance of mobile phones. At the same time, good anti-theft measures should be taken. Mobile phone anti -theft devices can not only play an anti-theft role, but also charge mobile phones. No matter where the clerk is in the store, once the customer unplugs the cable connecting the phone, the phone anti-theft device will emit a harsh alarm . Remind staff to protect mobile phones.

Bohang has 20 years of experience in this industry. The mobile phone anti-theft display stand provided by us is very convenient, plug and play. There are many different models. You can choose the model that suits your store. Each model of mobile phone display security can be used for Android, Apple and other mobile phones.

Provide anti-theft solutions for your mobile phone store

As a well-known anti-theft equipment supplier in China. With professional anti-theft experience and solutions, we sell our products in more than 40 countries and regions around the world. Very popular with customers.

Bohang mobile phone anti-theft display stand not only has strong anti-theft performance, but also has beautiful appearance. Can improve customer experience and increase your sales performance.

Main advantages and functions:

Beautiful : We can customize and coordinate the style and color of anti-theft equipment according to your store environment.

Simple : Our products are simple and easy to install and maintain.

Remote control : free infrared remote control, remote control, easy to use.

If you want to buy or represent our products, please contact us.Factory direct sales, more discounts!

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