What are the common security displays?


Security Display Series Overview

The security display series is a very important part of retail security and anti-theft. So what are the categories of security displays? Today, I will organize and summarize them. If you have more questions, you can contact me directly.

Razor Security Display Anti-Theft Stand

Razors are an indispensable necessities in men's daily life, so they have always had a stable sales market, so razors sold in the market need special anti-theft equipment to display and protect.Generally, there are two kinds of safety display stands for shavers, one is an independent anti-theft stand, and the other is an anti-theft stand protected by a multi-port host.

Vertical shaver display anti-theft stand

The vertical shaver shows anti-theft, you can clearly see the appearance of the shaver, and it is more completely displayed in front of the customer. The customer can take the shaver completely out to watch, and then put it back. When removed, an alarm sound will sound.

Flat lay shaver showing anti-theft stand

Lay-flat razor display anti-theft, that is, put the razor flat on the anti-theft display stand, when customers want to take the razor to see, they can directly pick up the shaver from the anti-theft stand and look at it. put it back again,

Camera Security Display Stand

Cameras are generally divided into those with a long lens and those without a long lens, so the camera security display anti-theft device is also divided into two types, one with a lens holder, and the other without a lens holder.

Camera security anti-theft stand

As shown in the picture is a security anti-theft display stand for the camera without an extension lens,

Camera security anti-theft display

Shown is a security anti-theft display stand for SLR camera with external extension lens

Headphone Security Anti-theft Stand

The anti-theft display stand for headphones is generally divided into two types. It has always been an independent headset display stand, that is, a shelf can only be used for anti-theft of one headset, and the other is to use a multi-port anti-theft host, plus a separate display stand.

Headphone Security Display Anti-theft Stand

The headset safety display anti-theft stand as shown in the picture can not only charge the headset, but also display the anti-theft device of the headset safely, without affecting the customer's trial experience at all. If some earphones do not have a charging function, you can use a contact wire type wire, stick the wire on the earphone,

Laptop Security Anti-theft Display

Laptop security anti-theft is divided into physical anti-theft and alarm anti-theft. Physical anti-theft refers to fixing the laptop with a clip, which is like a lock or clip to fix the laptop.The laptop anti-theft system is the same as other anti-theft systems. It needs to be powered on for anti-theft. The cable needs to be connected to the laptop. When the cable is unplugged, an alarm sound will be issued.

Laptop lock cable

The laptop clip lock is like a fixed lock to lock the laptop, and then the cord of the laptop can be fixed on the table. It is the most primitive and the strongest measure, but the operation is a bit cumbersome, because when you need to put When the laptop is taken out, the clip needs to be opened with a key, and then locked when it is used, which is rather cumbersome.

USB cable laptop anti-theft device

The laptop anti-theft device with USB cable means that the anti-theft device will alarm when someone unplugs the USB cable.

Contact type laptop anti-theft device

The contact-type laptop anti-theft device means that the anti-theft device will alarm when someone unplugs the connection contact.

Watch security anti-theft display

Watch anti-theft brackets and bracelet anti-theft brackets are the same type. Now there are more and more smart watches, and many smart watches and bracelets are used together with smartphones, so the anti-theft display of smart watches and bracelets is also increasing. more important.
Generally, there are two types of watch security and anti-theft displays. One is that the watch can be charged, and the other is that the watch cannot be charged. Now smart watches and bracelets are wirelessly charged. Watches with charging function are anti-theft. The device is to install a wireless charging device on the anti-theft bracket. When the watch is displayed, it is also charging the watch at the same time, because the current watch and bracelet are basically fast charging, and they will be quickly charged during the display process can be fully charged.

Apple Watch Security Anti-theft Display Stand

As shown in the picture is the Apple Watch security anti-theft display bracket. This bracket can not only display the watch beautifully, but also charge the watch. A wireless charger is installed in the display stand of the watch stand, which can be used for the watch all the time with wireless charging.

Huawei Watch Security Anti-theft Display Stand

As shown in the picture is the Huawei watch security anti-theft display bracket, the same principle as the Apple wireless charging anti-theft device. It can provide a safe anti-theft display for Huawei's watches and bracelets.

Mobile phone security anti-theft display stand

Mobile phone anti-theft bracket is the most common one in the security display series, if you have more knowledge about mobile phone anti-theft device, please watch this article.

Acrylic vertical mobile phone anti-theft device

ABS inclined mobile phone anti-theft bracket

Tablet Security Anti-theft Display Stand

Tablet anti-theft brackets are also a more common type of security display series. When choosing a tablet for safe display, you need to pay attention to the size of the tablet. Generally, different sizes require different clips, such as 8 inches and 10 inches and 12 inches.
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