What types of security anti-theft devices are available in mobile phone retail stores?

Mobile phones have become an indispensable part of people's lives. And also mobile phone retail has become an increasingly indispensable part of the market. Mobile phone retail store security anti-theft devices are an indispensable application in mobile phone retail stores. 
What are the types of retail mobile phone security? Today we will talk about them separately.
Generally, shops that sell mobile phones will have tables specially used for placing mobile phones, which are specially customized. There will be a gap on the table for threading, so that the power plug of the mobile phone anti-theft device can be placed under the table and on the table. Used to hold the phone.

Mobile phone anti-theft stand table

In every mobile phone retail store, there will be a table like this. There is a gap in the middle of the table to put wires under the table to connect power, and the two sides of the table are used to place mobile phones.
Of course, if you think the wires are placed on the table and then put them under the table, you can also put the anti-theft device directly on the table without connecting the power supply, as shown in the figure, and then put the mobile phone.
Stores can choose what kind of anti-theft device to use according to their own preferences and the type of table. Generally, mobile anti-theft devices are divided into multi-port anti-theft devices and independent alarm devices.The difference between the stand-alone anti-theft device and the multi-port host anti-theft device is that the multi-port host can protect and provide anti-theft functions for multiple mobile phones at the same time, while the independent one can only provide anti-theft security display for a single mobile phone.

Standalone mobile phone security anti-theft display stand

As shown in the figure, stand alone mobile phone security alarm means that a mobile phone anti-theft device can only provide a security anti-theft display for one mobile phone. Generally, stand-alone alarms are equipped with two alarm modes, which are:
 1. When the charging cable connected to the mobile phone is unplugged, the alarm device will sound an alarm. 
2. When the full alarm device is pulled up from the table, the alarm device will sound an alarm.

Multi-port host anti-theft device

As shown in the figure is a multi-port security anti-theft host, multiple lines are connected to the host at the same time, and then the lines are connected to the bracket to place the mobile phone. This multi-port host can be divided into 2 ports and 4 ports and 6 ports and 8 ports and 10 port host.
To sum up, this is the introduction of the security device for mobile phone retail stores. No matter what method, we need to put the cable under the table to connect the power supply, and we need a specially customized table for mobile phone anti-theft display.
In addition, in order to improve the security performance, some sellers will choose more advanced anti-theft devices, that is, install clips on the anti-theft device and install screws on the bottom of the anti-theft device, so that even if the thief unplugs the anti-theft device or removes the anti-theft device from the table Pick it up, then the phone won't be stolen.

Mobile phone security anti-theft display with four clips

The mobile phone security anti-theft display device with four clips will more firmly fix the mobile phone in the clip. When a thief pulls out the cable, the four-point clip will also firmly bind the mobile phone in the clip.

Mobile phone anti-theft device with screws at the bottom

The bottom of the mobile phone anti-theft device has screws, so that the anti-theft device can be fixed on the table with screws, so that the thief cannot easily remove the anti-theft device from the table.
If you need to know more about cell phone anti-theft, you can read this article.
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