Difference between EAS AM system and EAS RF system

EAS system is a widely used system in retail security and anti-theft. It is widely used in clothing anti-theft, book anti-theft, retail store anti-theft and supermarket anti-theft, etc. Generally, EAS AM system and EAS RF system are mostly used. Many customers do not know the difference between them, now let me introduce the difference between EAS AM system and EAS RF system.

Difference in frequency

The center frequency of AM is generally 58K/60K, and the working frequency is close to the sound wave. The center frequency of RF is generally 8.2MHz/10MHz, and the operating frequency is close to radio waves.

Work efficiency

In terms of false detection rate, the performance of AM will be better than that of RF, that is, the false alarm rate of AM will be less, and the false alarm rate of RF will be relatively more.
In terms of missed detection rate, the effect of AM will be better than that of RF, that is, AM can detect more comprehensively.
In terms of normal detection rates, the effects of AM systems and RF systems are similar, both above 95%.

Detection distance

In terms of detection distance, the effect of AM is better than that of RF. The detection distance of AM antenna to soft tags can generally reach 1.8 meters, while the detection distance of RF antenna to soft tags can generally only be about 1.4 meters. As far as hard tags are concerned, the detection distance of the AM antenna can generally reach more than 2 meters, while the RF antenna can only reach about 1.8 meters at most.

Metal resistance

In terms of anti-metal, the performance of AM system is better than that of RF system. On some metal-packaged goods, it is better to use AM sticker instead of RF soft tags. AM stickers can resist metal interference, while RF soft tags However, it will be completely shielded, and the purpose of anti-theft will not be achieved.

Regular sources of interference

In terms of interference, their interference sources are also similar, such as spotlights, ballasts, large electrical equipment, battery car chargers, bundled cables, etc. When these items are nearby, they will interfere with the system to a certain extent.

Installation and debugging

In terms of installation and debugging, AM is more difficult than RF. Some AM systems require computer remote debugging, while others do not, while RF basically does not require computer debugging.

Different labels and tags

Because AM systems and RF systems have different frequencies, their soft labels and hard tags are also different.
AM soft labels are long strips, while RF soft labels are square or round, because AM tags are non-chips, while RF soft labels are coils, and the area of coils is larger than AM non-wafers. So RF soft labels will be larger than AM soft labels.
In terms of hard tags, AM tags are also more elongated, because the magnetic rods of AM hard tags are elongated, while RF tags are mostly square or round, and the RF coil is flat, suitable for placing in square or Inside the circular tag.

EAS AM Sticker

As shown in the figure, the shape of the AM tag is a long bar.

EAS RF Soft label

As shown, the shape of the RF tag is square.
It can be seen that the main difference between the acousto-magnetic system and the radio frequency system is that the frequency is different, which results in different radio wave penetration (the ability to bypass obstacles). Because of the low frequency, the acousto-magnetic equipment has strong penetration and low sensitivity to metal, and some products with metal have a certain protective effect; while the radio frequency system has a high frequency, poor penetration, and metal products. Almost unusable, such as chocolate, chewing gum, etc. In addition, due to the high transmission power of the acousto-magnetic system, the label is relatively small, and can be made in many shapes, and the label direction is less sensitive (high alarm rate). Sex is more sensitive (alarm rate becomes lower). Compared with stability, the frequency of radio frequency is higher, and it is more susceptible to external interference.
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