Advantages of various mobile phone security anti-theft devices


The Best Selling Phone Security Anti-theft Stand

The best-selling mobile phone security anti-theft device is also the anti-theft device with the highest safety factor. This anti-theft device has multiple functions.The following is a detailed introduction.

Mobile phone security anti-theft device with retractable function

This best-selling mobile phone security anti-theft has the following features:
1. With the fixing function of the mobile phone clip, the clip of the mobile phone can stabilize the mobile phone, the 3M glue of the mobile phone anti-theft device is the most basic protection, and the clip can give the mobile phone more stable protection.

Built-in wire with retractable function

This built-in metal wire with telescopic function can be stretched back and forth up to 10,000 times. With this wire, the mobile phone and the mobile phone anti-theft bracket are more closely linked.This wire is not easy to cut.Look at the blue light, it's an alarm light, it will turn on when the anti-theft device is broken.

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The mobile phone security anti-theft wire device is placed with a buckle. This buckle can perfectly block the mobile phone anti-theft wire. When a thief wants to unplug the mobile phone anti-theft wire, there is no way to easily pull it out, and a screwdriver is needed to remove the wire.

Different types of mobile phone charging cables

Different types of mobile phone charging cables that can be used with any mobile phone, including Micro and Typec and Lightning.

The most cost-effective Mobile phone security anti-theft device

The above is the most cost-effective and most expensive mobile phone anti-theft device. When some customers think that the price is high, but they want similar functions, then I will recommend the following mobile phone anti-theft devices.

Mobile phone security anti-theft with metal stand

As shown in the picture is a mobile phone security device with a metal bracket. This mobile phone security device can be said to be a very cost-effective mobile phone security device. It has a stable shell, is not easy to break, and is stable and durable.
As shown in the picture, the anti-theft device also has a clip, which can fix the mobile phone on the clip. The clip and the upper support of the anti-theft device are combined together.
There is a 3M sticker on the upper support, which can fix the phone on the anti-theft device, but with the protection of the clip, it will give the phone more protection.

ABS mobile phone security anti-theft device

As shown in the picture, it is an ABS mobile phone security device. It is a classic style. It is very similar to the INVUE security device, but it is much cheaper than the INVUE security device.
The square mobile phone security anti-theft device as shown in the figure has a beautiful appearance and can place the mobile phone stably.

The ones described above are all with clips, which are placed almost parallel to the desktop and have a certain height. But there are also some customers who don't like anti-theft devices that are too high, so they will need vertical mobile phone anti-theft devices. Generally, vertical mobile phone anti-theft devices are almost perpendicular to the desktop.

Vertical acrylic mobile phone security anti-theft device

As shown in the picture is a vertical acrylic mobile phone security anti-theft device, this anti-theft device has no clips, the mobile phone is almost perpendicular to the desktop.

The advantage of this mobile phone anti-theft device is that customers can watch the phone directly on the table without having to pick up the phone too much.

The cheapeat phone security stand

This is also a relatively cost-effective mobile phone security anti-theft device, it saves a lot of space, but it is very practical and cheap.

The feature of this cell phone anti-theft is to make the most effective product with the most economical materials.

The material of acrylic is actually very suitable for making mobile phone anti-theft devices, because acrylic is beautiful and inexpensive.
In fact, it is very simple to install and use the mobile phone anti-theft device. The following is the specific operation video. If you have any questions, you can contact me.
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