What are the applications of EAS system?


The Application of EAS System in Garment Anti-theft

The application of EAS system in clothing anti-theft is a very common type of EAS system security and anti-theft system. Here are some common problems of clothing anti-theft system.

1. What security tags are often used in clothing anti-theft systems?

Anti-theft tags in clothing stores generally use security hard tags. Why?
1. Because the hard tag can be used repeatedly, when the customer checks out, the hard tag can be recycled for unlimited times. 
2. The hard tag is sturdy and fixed on the garment with a hard tag with nails, it is difficult for a thief to remove the tag. 
3. There are more types of hard tags, and customers can choose according to their different needs.
So what are the general clothing security tags? Listed below are several very commonly used clothing security hard tags.

Apparel Golf Security Anti-Theft Tags

As shown in the picture is the golf clothing security anti-theft label, the golf security label means that the label is shaped like a golf ball, round, and both sides of the label are protruding circles. When some larger clothing needs to use security anti-theft tags, you can consider using this golf security anti-theft tag.

Apparel Security Anti-Theft Pencil Tags

As shown in the figure is a clothing security anti-theft pencil tag. Pencil security anti-theft tag is a commonly used security anti-theft tag, which is widely used in the field of clothing anti-theft.It is the most cost-effective clothing security anti-theft tag with low price and good performance.

Ink Security Anti-Theft Tag

The ink safety tag is a special clothing safety tag, because the ink safety label contains ink. When the label is damaged, the ink will stain the clothes, causing the thief to steal the clothes and not be able to wear them, so this is a very special Clothing safety labels with special features.

Big round security anti-theft tag

The big round security tag is actually a bit similar to the golf safety tag. It is a tag with a relatively large size, which is more suitable for clothing safety.Of course, because of the particularity of its shape, this kind of label can only be made into RF, because the coil of RF is flat, and it is more suitable to be placed in a label with a relatively large size.

What types of clothing security sensors are there?

After understanding the clothing safety label, let's take a look at the introduction of the clothing safety sensor. The clothing safety sensor mainly depends on the form of the customer's store. This should be provided according to the specific situation of the store. There are a few more important points to know in this regard:
1. Is the clothing store in a shopping mall or an independent store on the street?
2. How many outlets does the clothing store have?
3. What is the width of each outlet of the clothing store?
4. How many cashiers does the clothing store have?

EAS acrylic clothing security sensor

As shown in the picture is the security anti-theft system of the famous clothing brand Moussy store, which uses an acrylic security anti-theft system. Because this store is relatively large and the door is relatively wide, it needs to place more eas security gates.

Application of EAS System in Supermarket Anti-theft System

The application of the EAS system in the supermarket anti-theft system is more complicated than the clothing anti-theft system, because the products it sells are more diverse, so the tags required are more complicated.Clothing anti-theft mainly use security hard tags, and because of the complexity of supermarket commodities, soft labels may be required, and soft labels are attached to the surface of the commodity, not all hard tags can be applied.

Embedded EAS AM Soft Labels

For products such as relatively small cosmetics or relatively smooth carton packaging, it is not suitable to use hard labels, and you need to use soft labels as shown in the figure. This embedded soft label can directly insert the label into the box. , without affecting the integrity and display of the product packaging.

RF soft label sticker

RF soft label sticker is also another common supermarket security anti-theft label. As shown in the figure, the label is directly attached to the outside of the packaging box of the product. The barcode on the label can be printed with the logo you want, and the size of the label is also It can be selected according to the size of the product. Generally, the common sizes of RF soft tags are square tags of 4*4cm, 3*3cm and 5*5cm. Of course, there are also some more common rectangular tags and round tags, which can be customized according to customers. different products to choose different sizes of labels.

What are the anti-theft systems in supermarkets?

Like the clothing anti-theft system, the supermarket anti-theft system is also divided into two types: EAS AM system and EAS RF system. The selection standard is the same as that of clothing stores. It also depends on how many exits the supermarket has and the width of each exit to choose how many eas antenna. are needed. 
But the difference between supermarkets and clothing stores depends on whether the EAS antenna is installed next to the cash register or the main exit. The total outlet, then the number of antennas required is reduced, and the number of antennas only needs to be selected according to the width of the total outlet

Supermarket security anti-theft system - for total exit location

Supermarket security anti-theft system - installed next to the cashier

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