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Nanjing Bohang Electronics Co., Ltd., established in 2001, has been committed to the research and development and production of EAS systems. We are a long-term supplier of EAS systems for China Resources Vanguard, the largest supermarket chain in China.We have a series of products of our own patented EAS, including circuit boards and labels and so on.
Nanjing Bohang is looking for EAS distributors all over the world. Let's introduce the product information and services that Nanjing Bohang can provide.

Types of EAS Systems We Offer

AM system with remote debugging

The AM system with remote debugging function refers to connecting a wire that can be remotely controlled in the circuit board of the AM antenna. When the circuit board needs to be debugged or checked, we can connect this wire for remote control and debugging.This simplifies the debugging and troubleshooting of the antenna.Remote debugging is to use a cable to connect to the computer for debugging, and the software on the computer to debug the EAS board.Engineers can debug remotely without going to the site.The circuit board of this antenna can be placed in an acrylic or ABS casing, but the function is the same.

AM ABS Antenna

The advantages of AM antenna made of ABS material: 1. Relatively cheap price. 2. Cheap shipping cost. 3. Longer service life.

AM acrylic antenna

The advantages of AM antenna made of acrylic material: 1. More beautiful appearance. 2. Transparent light flickering effect. 3. Longer service life.

AM antenna with simple equipment debugging method

It is also another simple working mode that does not require computer debugging and is directly debugged with a screwdriver. All installation and debugging can be completed with a screwdriver, which is really a lazy mode.
In addition to AM antennas, we also have EAS RF products, the most classic series of EAS. Regarding EAS systems, we have Mono and Dual systems. Mono series means that one antenna can work independently, and the circuit board in the antenna works alone. , the transmit and receive signals are integrated. Dual series means that the antenna needs to transmit and receive two boards, the transmitting circuit board is used to transmit signals, and the receiving circuit board is used to receive signals and issue an alarm.

Aluminum alloy RF Antenna Mono System

The characteristics of the aluminum alloy material are light weight, but it is resistant to falling and durable. The characteristics of the mono system are that it is not easy to be interfered by the outside world. Compared with the dual system, the mono system is more anti-interference.

Acrylic RF Antenna Dual System

Acrylic material is characterized by light weight but drop resistance and durability. Compared with the mono system, the dual system is characterized by lower average price per unit and more cost-saving.

Bohang's unique RFID+AM system

RFID system + AM system - EAS unique anti-theft system

RFID system + AM system-EAS's unique anti-theft system, as shown in the figure, this system is a combination of RFID and AM circuit boards on the antenna, such a device has a dual alarm function, which can not only perform AM alarm, but also can The RFID alarm is carried out, and it does not interfere with each other, which combines the advantages of both.It has both the data storage function and detection function of RFID, and the alarm detection function of AM.

Bohang is looking for EAS distributors all over the world

As the leader of China's EAS industry, Nanjing Bohang started the export business a few years ago when the EAS business in China was saturated. At present, we have long-term distribution of Bohang EAS products in Japan and South Africa. dealers, we are constantly looking for more dealers. Our service to suppliers is the best, we will provide the following services:
1.7*24h remote technical service, no matter what technical problem you have, we will reply as soon as possible and try our best to solve the problem.
2. Give the supplier the best price to ensure that you can make more money. In terms of price, our purpose is to let the dealer customers make more money.
3.We can provide customers with OEM to meet any requirements of customers for product performance, and we have our own R&D team and production capacity.

How to install and debug the EAS antenna?

How to install and debug the EAS antenna, Bohang will shoot such a detailed video for each device. Even if you don't understand EAS products at all, you can use this video to know how to install and debug this EAS antenna.
If you have any ideas about wanting to be a reseller of EAS products, please feel free to contact me.
For more information about EAS products, you can also refer to this article.
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