The use of mobile phone anti-theft security stands in retail security


The development of mobile phone retailing

With the progress of the times, mobile phones have become an indispensable part of people's lives, and there are as many mobile phone stores on the street as clothing stores. The annual update of various mobile phone brands is like the annual update of major clothing brands. iPhone New models are updated every year, and HUAWEI and Samsung will also regularly update models and different functions. The three strongest mobile phone brands in the world are always constantly updated, which shows that consumers’ demand for replacement phones is also very high. Eager, so the mobile phone retail store is also a relatively hot and popular industry, so along with the demand of the mobile phone retail store, it is the mobile phone security anti-theft device.

How to use the retail mobile phone security anti-theft stand?

Before using a cell phone anti-theft, we need to determine the type of cell phone anti-theft we want to use and the type of mobile phone.
A.Types of cell phone anti-theft security device
B.Types of mobile phone.

1. Stand-alone mobile phone anti-theft device

Stand-alone mobile phone anti-theft devices can be generally divided into three categories according to different materials, as follows:
a. Acrylic stand-alone mobile phone anti-theft device
b.ABS stand-alone mobile phone anti-theft device
c. Metal stand-alone mobile phone anti-theft device

Acrylic stand-alone mobile phone anti-theft device

Acrylic is the most expensive of all materials, but it is also the most beautiful, because of its transparent luster and smooth surface, it makes the mobile phone anti-theft device very beautiful, when the acrylic is very beautiful under the light, and the alarm of the mobile phone anti-theft device is very beautiful. The lights are all colored, usually blue or red or orange. When the light meets acrylic, it is a perfect combination, and the effect is very shiny and beautiful.

ABS stand-alone mobile phone anti-theft stand

ABS is the most widely used material in industrial production. Its price is basically stable and acceptable. In mobile phone anti-theft devices, white and black ABS are generally used, even acrylic and metal mobile phone anti-theft devices. Part of the device should also be made of ABS, and most mobile phone anti-theft devices are made of ABS.

Metal stand-alone mobile phone anti-theft holder

The metal mobile phone anti-theft device is only made of metal on the surface and ABS material inside, but the surface is made of metal material, which will make the anti-theft device look stronger and more textured.
The above are all mobile phone anti-theft devices with clips. The black part of the clip is another protection of the mobile phone anti-theft device. When the clip is fixed, the thief cannot easily take the mobile phone from the mobile phone anti-theft device.Of course, if you don't want to use clips, you can, because the phone anti-theft bracket has 3M glue to hold the phone firmly.

2. Multi-port host anti-theft device

Multi-port host means that a host can connect to multiple devices, and select hosts with different port numbers according to different needs.The multi-port host controller is placed under the table, and the wire is connected to the mobile phone bracket above the table through the hole under the table, so when using the multi-port mobile phone anti-theft device, you must punch a hole on the table for threading, The mobile phone bracket can also be classified according to the different needs of customers, which can be divided into vertical or oblique models and so on.

10-port host controller for mobile security

As shown in the figure, it is a 10-port host, which can prevent theft of 10 mobile phones at the same time. Plug 10 cables into the multi-port host controller at the same time.Save space and cost, "killing two birds with one stone".

Types of mobile phone

The type of mobile phone is mainly determined from the following aspects:
1. The type of charging port of the mobile phone
At present, the three common charging ports on the market are Typec, Micro and Lightning. No matter what brand of mobile phone, these three types of cables will be used.
2. The size of the phone
The size of the mobile phone determines the size of the mobile phone anti-theft device. If a clip is required, the clip should be selected according to the size of the mobile phone.
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