What anti-theft tags are generally used in retail stores?

Retail security tags generally refer to EAS security anti-theft tags. Generally, EAS labels can be divided into security hard tags and soft labels. The following will introduce them from the two aspects of hard tags and soft labels.

Textile product security tags

Textile products generally use hard tags with nails, because textile products can pass the nails through the product to fix the tag on the product.Textile products including clothing and socks and towels, etc., can use security hard tags

Apparel EAS Safety Hard Tag

Towel security anti-theft tag

Hat security anti-theft tag

Bottle security anti-theft hard tag

Wine bottle security tags are generally hard tags.There are many types of bottle safety and anti-theft tags. We need to choose different tags according to different types of bottles.

Wine bottle security anti-theft cap

As shown in the picture, this wine bottle safety tag is buckled on the wine bottle like a cap. This security wine bottle tag is a combination of acrylic and ABS, which is more beautiful.Such bottle security tags require special tag remover to be opened before the bottles can be used.
This cap-like bottle tag can only be applied to the bottle of the corresponding caliber, and cannot be used if the size is not suitable. So what about the security tags on those bottles of different sizes? See below for a size-adjustable wine bottle safety tag.
After the tag is removed by the tag remover, the tag can be recycled indefinitely.

Adjustable Wine Bottle Security Tags

As shown in the picture, the tag on the wine bottle can be adjusted automatically according to the size of the bottle, but the length of the rope has a fixed range. The general fixed rope length is 150 mm, as long as the diameter of the bottle is within this range.
This kind of tag can also be reused. When the tag is opened by the tag remover, the tag can be recycled infinitely.

Infant Formula Security Tags

However, for some specially configured bottles, such as the larger jars of infant milk powder, larger and specially used milk powder labels are required. The milk powder anti-theft base is a special anti-theft label, which is widely used in retail anti-theft. As shown in the figure, it is one of the baby formula milk powder labels, and the application scope of the baby formula milk powder label is also very wide.

Security anti-theft labels for bagged goods

Bagged products generally need to use security soft stickers or anti-theft tag clips.

Security anti-theft soft label

As shown in the figure, for such commodities that are inconvenient to use hard tags, it is necessary to use security and anti-theft soft labels to be attached to the outside of the commodities.
Generally, when all hard tags cannot be applied, soft tags are selected. The disadvantage of soft tags is that they can only be used once, and there is a risk of being illegally removed by thieves.

Security soft labels for cosmetics

Cosmetics are not suitable for hard labels because of their small size, but they are also more suitable for soft labels with smaller size.

Cosmetic Safety Labels

Cosmetics are not suitable for hard labels because of their small size, but they are also more suitable for soft labels with smaller size.
Embedded labels like this can be put directly into the cosmetic box,As shown in the picture is the AM soft label. When the packaging of some cosmetics is relatively small, such as lipstick or nail polish, the label with a relatively small size RF26*26 mm can be selected.
There are too many types of retail security tags. Choose different EAS security tags according to different products.If you have more questions about retail safety labels, check out this article
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