Why is China's mobile phone anti-theft device more advantageous?


Top 2 mobile security display series all over the world

TOP 1 InVue

InVue is a global technology company who provides the world's most valuable brands with innovative merchandising, security and IoT solutions. By integrating their hardware and software solutions they seamlessly protect and promote the customers' most valuable assets, leading to improved operations and an enhanced user experience.


MTI offers a wide range of asset protection systems. Their products are used by some of the world’s premier consumer electronics brands to display and protect the latest smart phones, tablets, digital cameras, laptops, and much more.

Top 3 China mobile phone security and anti-theft device manufacturers

China's mobile phone anti-theft device suppliers are becoming more and more popular in the market. Unless some brands specifically specify the use of InVue or MTI anti-theft devices. Many customers now choose China's mobile phone security and anti-theft device suppliers.

Why are China's mobile phone anti-theft device suppliers becoming more and more popular?

Chinese mobile phone anti-theft devices are becoming more and more popular among consumers, mainly for the following reasons.

1.The best price/performance ratio

With the continuous development of China's economy in recent years, China has basically become the "factory of the world." Therefore, Chinese products have more and more specific advantages. Because the cost of raw materials and labor costs are not so high, the products have higher cost performance, especially for products such as mobile phone anti-theft devices that require basic industrial raw material ABS. Raw materials are an indispensable part of determining product prices.

2.The fastest production speed

Because of the increasing automation of machinery and equipment in Chinese factories, coupled with the large population of China, China's production speed is very fast.The production speed of Chinese factories is very fast, and the delivery cycle is very fast.Under normal circumstances, the delivery period of 100 sets of anti-theft devices for mobile phones can be completed within a week.

3.The best service

China’s annual export value ranks first in the world’s export value. On the one hand, it is because of the continuous strength of China’s economy. On the other hand, it is also because the service of Chinese suppliers is very good. As a foreign trade salesman of Bohang Electronics, We can provide basically 24H/7DAYS services.

4.The fastest product update speed

Chinese suppliers are absolutely leading in the update speed of many products. For example, in terms of mobile anti-theft devices, we will basically update a batch of new models every year. The models of various brands of mobile phones are updated every year, and the accompanying mobile phone anti-theft security stands will also be updated accordingly.
The following are the models of mobile anti-theft devices that are constantly updated to meet your various needs for mobile anti-theft security protection.

Vertical mobile phone security anti-theft device

Acrylic vertical mobile phone security anti-theft stand

Independent mobile phone security anti-theft holder with clip

The above is the reason why Chinese suppliers have more and more advantages.
For more knowledge of mobile phone security anti-theft device, please read this article.
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