How EAS Ink security tag work


What is EAS security ink tag?

Ink tag is a kind of retail anti-theft tag.It is also a kind of EAS security hard tag.It's just that ink is added to the tag.

What are the types of ink tags?

Like other EAS tags,,the types of ink tags can be classified according to the frequency of the tag, AM and RF respectively.In addition, ink tags can also be classified according to different shapes.And ink tag can also be classified according to color.

Round three-color ink tag

The circular three-color ink tag means that the tag can contain three colors of ink, and the shape of the tag is circular.

Rectangular two-color ink security tag

Rectangular two-color ink security tag, meaning that the ink tag is a rectangle with two colors of ink placed inside.

Rectangular two-color ink security tag

The same as the previous ink tag, but the color is different.

How to use ink tags?

Because the ink security tag is also a kind of EAS safety hard tag, it is used in the same way as other EAS safety hard tags.The ink tag will have a needle, poke the needle into the garment that needs to be protected, and then attach the ink label to the needle, and that's it.
In addition, the ink label can also have a lanyard to hang the label on the product.
Ink tags can be applied to any commodity protection that needs to be installed with an EAS system.

Ink tag with lanyard

Ink label with lanyard is to thread the lanyard to the label that needs to be protected

Ink label with nail

Ink labels with nails, as mentioned above, thread the nails into the product, and then put the ink labels into the nails.

How do ink tags work?

Ink safety tags work the same as other EAS security tags.All have to hang the tag on the product.When a customer walks past the EAS antenna at the door with an item containing a tag, the antenna will trigger an alarm.So before going through the security antenna, remove the security tag and use a magnetic tag remover.
In addition, if a thief wants to damage the ink tag and take the product away, it is not just as simple as destroying the ink tag, the ink on the tag will stain the product, making the product unusable any more.
Check out this Ink Tag Demonstration Destruction Experiment below for a complete demonstration of how ink tag work.

How to open ink tags?

Ink security tags, like other magnetic security hard tags, require a magnetic tag remover to open.The general magnetic remover can basically open the tag, the general magnetic remover is about 7500GS or more,

5500GS Tag Remover

Low magnetic tag removers can generally be fully applied to the opening of ink tags.

11000GS Tag Remover

High magnetic tag removers are generally used to open tags with high magnetic properties.
For more information on EAS Safe Ink tags, please check 
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