What are the types of earphone anti-theft security?


Anti-theft Security Display of Headset

The headset is the largest of all headphones and the best protection. When protecting the headset, a rack that can hang the headset is necessary. In addition, what kind of anti-theft safety device is used to protect the headset.
Generally speaking, for the earphone protection bracket, there are independent styles of multi-port styles. The independent style is that this security stand can be used to place the earphones and can achieve the role of safety and anti-theft.

Independent headset anti-theft security stand

The independent headset anti-theft security stand means that this device can be used to place the headset and can be used for anti-theft. This kind of cable can be divided into three kinds, one is rechargeable, this kind is as shown in the picture, when the earphone has a charging port that can be charged, you can use this kind of cable, when the charging cable is unplugged , the anti-theft device will alarm.

Multi-port host headset anti-theft device

As shown in the figure, it is a combination of a multi-port security anti-theft device . The multi-port security controller can be divided into 2 ports, 4 ports, 6 ports, 8 ports and 10 ports. The line shown is the lanyard safety cable.

Airpods Security Anti-theft

Airpods are now the most widely used of all types of earphones because they are wireless and easy to carry, but at retail, it may be a difficult one because of its small size.So how to prevent it from theft when retailing, let's show a special anti-theft device to prevent the anti-theft of airpods.

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Airpods are safe and anti-theft, you can use the anti-theft device with charging function to connect airpods. When the charging cable is unplugged from the headset, the alarm will sound, which is a practical and useful way to display safety.And Airpods will always be charged to ensure that they have enough power for customers to experience and try.
This charging cable can be divided into three types: Lightning, Typec and Micro according to the different types of airpods charging ports.
Here's a detailed look at how this airpods anti-theft device works
To sum up, it is the safety and anti-theft display of various earphones. Now that mobile phones are an indispensable part of people's daily life, the earphones used with mobile phones are becoming more and more popular and become indispensable in daily life. Therefore, the products related to the retail anti-theft safety of earphones are also becoming more and more indispensable in the market now.
Customers can choose the appropriate anti-theft device according to their different types of headphones. In addition, about the security display of mobile phone anti-theft, you can refer to the following articles.
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