What are the parts of the clothing anti-theft sensor system?

Clothing security anti-theft sensor gate

The clothing security anti-theft sensor gate is the antenna that receives and transmits signals of the entire EAS system placed at the door of the clothing store.Its function is that when a customer walks out of the store with a garment that has not been removed from the tag the antenna will sound an alarm.This kind of antenna is generally a vertical base, which is placed at the door of the clothing store, usually two vertical antennas.
As shown in the figure below, the installation of this antenna should be arranged according to different factors in each store. These factors include the width of the door at the store exit and the number of exits in the store. This is the most basic factor to determine how many anti-theft devices are needed in a clothing store. decisive factor.

EAS Acrylic Security Anti-theft Device for Clothing Store

As shown in the picture, this clothing store has installed 4 anti-theft antennas. Generally, in this case, two main machines and two auxiliary machines are installed.
When a product with a tag passes through this antenna, the antenna will sound an alarm.
Different circuit boards of the antenna have different detection distances between antennas. A good circuit board is the core of the EAS antenna. Generally, the detection distance of the AM system is longer than that of the RF system, because the AM system is more powerful than the RF system.
For clothing stores, the detection distance of the AM system can generally reach 2 meters, while the RF system can only reach about 1.8 meters.

Anti-theft security tags for clothing stores

For clothing stores, hard tags are generally used. A hard tag is a tag whose outer shell is ABS, which contains a magnetic rod. The magnetic rod contains a frequency. This frequency must be the same as the EAS antenna. When the tag passes through the antenna , the two frequencies react with each other, which will trigger the alarm of the EAS antenna.Generally, clothing stores use EAS security hard tags, because the hard tags can be reused. When the tags are removed by the tag unlocker, the tags still have the same function, and the service life of the tags and EAS antennas is relatively long. Can reach 5-8 years.

EAS security hard tags with nail

EAS security hard tags with nails, which means that the clothes are fixed with nails and tags. When the clothes with tags are removed by the salesperson at the cash register, the tags can also be recycled. If there are thieves, the clothes with tags After going out, the alarm of the EAS antenna will be triggered.
According to the different EAS antennas, the corresponding EAS security tags are also different. Generally, the EAS system is divided into two types: AM system and RF system, and the corresponding labels are also divided into AM and RF. 

The tag of AM system is generally EAS pencil safety tag, this kind of tag is the most widely used label in AM system, which can be divided into large pencil safety tag, ordinary pencil safety tag and mini pencil safety tag.Because the core part of the coil is long, it is only suitable for long pencil tag shells.

The shape of the RF security tag will be more than that of the AM tag, because its built-in coil is flat, and the coil can be placed in the flat tag shell as long as it is.

Apparel Security Tag Remover

The clothing label remover is an essential part of the clothing anti-theft system, because the cashier needs to remove the label on the clothing with the label remover after the checkout. Otherwise, when the customer passes the EAS antenna with the clothing containing the label, the antenna alarm will be triggered.

Security Tag Remover

As shown in the picture, it is one of the tag removers. After the tag is placed on it, it will be opened and the tag will be removed from the garment.
The indicator used by the label remover to distinguish is Gaussian. The larger the Gaussian value, the stronger the magnetic force and the greater the function of opening the label. Generally, ordinary labels need a label remover of 8500GS.
To sum up, all the knowledge about the clothing anti-theft system, the clothing anti-theft system consists of three aspects, namely the EAS antenna and the EAS tag and tag remover.
For more knowledge about clothing anti-theft tags, you can also read the following article.
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