Types of mobile phone security anti-theft devices

Standalone mobile phone security holder

As to talk about mobile phone, become an indispensable part of each people's life.There are a lot of different brands of mobile phone around the world,such as the top 5 famous brand iPhone and Huawei and Xiaomi and Sumsung and Oppo,these brands basiclly occupy the main cellphone market.You can see the phone store on the street everywhere.While besides the selling phones, what the mobile phone stores most need is mobile phone security stands.The security anti-theft stand is the crucial part for the phone seller due to there are thieves everywhere in the world.Firstly, we will introduce the most common usded mobile phone security holder,that is standalone mobile phone security stand.And of course,there are a lot of different kinds of standalone mobile phone security anti-theft stands.According to the material difference,it can be divided into ABS cellphone security alarm stand and Acrylic smartphone security alarm holder and metal mobile phone security anti-theft stand and so on.We will have a look with these different 

ABS Material Mobile Phone Stand

This is a hot selling type,Because it's affordable and fully functional for mobile phone security.Please look at this picture,showing that besides the clip that fixed the phone,there is also bottom screw to fix on the table,makes the anti-theft holder safer and more stable to put on the showing table.

Metal Material Mobile Phone Holder

The picture showing that another standalone cellphone security holder,which is made of metal cover and plastic inside.Furthermore,the strong 3M sticker makes the stand more stable and safety.
Apart from the standalone mobile phone security stand,there is also mutiple controller host type security stands,there are some different types mutiple hosts,devided into 2ports and 4ports and 6ports and 8ports and 10ports.Let us look at some different types of the mutiple hosts.

Multiple controller hosts

This is another anti-theft system for security display.This kind of host can be devided into 2,4,6,8,10 different ports depend on the quantity of the port.And also it also can be devided into device for phone and other merchandise.For phone antitheft,the device can provide charging function puls the antitheft function.While for merchandise,if the merchandise no need charging function,the device can only have antitheft fucntion,that is enough.

Security display with multiple hosts

From this picture,we can see that the antitheft device not only can provide the phone antitheft,but can also connect the phone and tablet together,
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