High end shop anti-theft system

EAS Anti-theft System

EAS Anti-theft system is the common system that used in retail anti-theft.Retail industry includes supermarket and grocery store and also clothing shop etc.EAS system can be usded in all of these retail industry.Firstly we will introduce the difference of these kinds of eas applications,in supermarket and grocery are using normal eas system.


Look at this picture,it is a normal system that based on a supermarket exit,when someone picking up the goods passing through the gate,the system will alarm.


This is a kind of security hard tag,normally used in security antitehft system.

EAS system is short for electronic article surveillance. It is an alarm system composed of eas antenna and eas hard tags and EAS Detacher or eas antenna and eas soft label and EAS deactivator. The eas system can provide reliable security for your products. As one of the best eas system manufacturers in China, Bohang have been providing the most satisfactory anti-theft solutions to our customers.

Here are three reasons why you choose and trust Bohang.

1.Our EAS system is easy to install, easy to debug, and easy to operate.

2.High performance, low false alarm rate and detection rate over 99%.

3.We have enough experience,our customers include international brands Adidas, FILA, New Balance and China Resources Vanguard, the largest supermarket chain in China.

The eas system can be applied to many fields such as anti-theft in clothing stores and anti-theft in supermarkets.and anti-theft in shoe stores, anti-theft in optical shops, anti-theft in golf clubs, anti-theft in jewelry, etc.

According to the principle, it can be am, rf, em.

The frequency of AM is 58KHz. The advantage of Bohang AM System is plug and play, no external power supply, no computer debugging required and it even can be without ungrounded under certain circumstances,which is is our unique technology. The maximum detection distance of soft labels can reach 1.4 meters, and the maximum detection distance of hard tags can reach 3 meters. The frequency of RF is 8.2MHz. The advantage of Bohang RF system is DSP Digital processing technology, which has stable performance and low price. The maximum detection distance of soft labels can reach 1.3 meters, and the maximum detection distance of hard tags can reach 2.4 meters.The frequency of the EM system is generally 1KHz. The biggest advantage of the EM system is that the EM magnetic strip can be repeatedly written off.

Bohang is looking for distributors of EAS system worldwide. We will provide you with some free samples, full technical guidance and exclusive discounts.

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