New product introductionanti-theft for mobile phone security

The importance of mobile phones
With the continuous development of technology and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, mobile phones have become an indispensable part of people's lives, and the frequency of replacing mobile phones is very high, because different brands introduce new models every year to attract consumers.And in order to catch up with fashion and experience novelty, whenever new models of mobile phones are launched, many consumers go to queues and even rush to buy.Because of this, consumers' desire to buy has stimulated a series of industrial chains.From the continuous updating of various mobile phone brands to the emergence of various mobile phone accessories, such as headphones and mobile phone sets etc.Then there is constant updating of different mobile phone stores.Of course, mobile phone stores are constantly updated, so the shop also needs anti-theft equipment to protect the mobile phones they sell.Therefore, as a manufacturer of anti-theft systems, we also need to constantly update our products to meet the needs of mobile phone stores.Now we have launched a lot of new products, which make mobile phone anti-theft protection more novel and better.
Traditional mobile anti-theft stand
The traditional mobile phone anti-theft stand generally only considers the basic anti-theft function, but does not consider the aesthetics and customer experience feeling.But there are some shop owners who like the traditional style.So these traditional styles have been produced and sold always. The following introduces several traditional mobile phone anti-theft systems.

Traditional vertical mobile phone anti-theft security stand

This product is a straight cylindrical anti-theft device, there is no certain arc, when the customer wants to try the mobile phone, it may not be very convenient,But it is indeed a classic among the classics, and it has always existed in the market.


Classic L-shaped mobile anti-theft device

This device has been improved and has a certain angle, which can facilitate customers to have a better feeling during the experience.But its shape is too simple, and its aesthetic is not very good. With the continuous improvement of people's aesthetic level, mobile phones are becoming more and more beautiful and fashionable. It seems that the not-so-beautiful stand can not match the increasingly beautiful mobile phones.

More advanced mobile anti-theft devices
With the continuous updating of products, more beautiful and practical mobile anti-theft products began to appear.
 Vertical acrylic mobile phone anti-theft stand

Do you think this security stand looks more beautiful? More eye-catching.And the stand is more concise and saves space.The color of the stand can also be made into blue and gray, and the acrylic lamp makes the whole product look more beautiful.

Longer cable, more secure anti-theft stand

Longer cable is more convenient for customers to try mobile phones.LED lights can choose blue and orange.

2020 New mobile phone anti-theft device
Because mobile phone stores do not necessarily sell only mobile phones, they may also sell other accessories, such as headphones and so on.And there will be some other electronic products, such as audio.Therefore, we have launched an anti-theft product that can satisfy the combination of mobile phone anti-theft and other products.
Anti-theft device that can connect both mobile phone and speaker
Anti-theft device that can connect both mobile phone and headset
The principle of this anti-theft device is that the mobile phone anti-theft device is equivalent to a host that can provide power.We can equip different cables according to different accessories, such as micro and corded and contact cables.

USB cable

This cable can be used on devices with charging ports

      Contact point cable

This cable can be used on devices with large, smooth surfaces without charging ports

      Cable with rope

This type of cable can be placed over voided or other suitable products.

 Four clips new anti-theft display

The anti-theft stand with 4 clips , stronger and safer and more reliable.

 New wireless anti-theft security stand

Wireless rechargeable anti-theft device makes the anti-theft device more high-tech and beautiful

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