Nanjing Bohang is looking for distributors for security display all over the world

Introduction of Nanjing Bohang

Nanjing Bohang was established in 2001 and has been committed to the theft prevention of retail security products. At the beginning, it was mainly dedicated to the EAS system, which mainly included supermarket security and clothing store security. In 2010, the R&D and sales of the security display series began to increase.
At present, we have achieved basic maturity in EAS, including domestic sales and export volume in China.
Now we want to look for the dealers all around the world regarding the security display.

What aspects are included in the security display?

The security display mainly includes the mobile phone security display series, the tablet display security series and the laptop security  display series and so on.

Mobile phone security antitheft stand

Tablet security display holder

Laptop security antitheft device

Policy on security display dealers

1.We will give the biggest discount to dealers

There is no doubt that the price given to dealers is the cheapest, and different discounts can be given according to different quantities.

2. We will give dealers a certain amount of free samples

Because the unit price of the safety display series is not very small, we can only give a certain number of free samples. Not all samples are free, but we will give the greatest support in terms of samples.

3. We will provide as much as possible 24-hour online consulting services

Because every place in the world has a different time difference, but we will try our best to provide 24-hour online consulting services.

4. The best possible after-sales guarantee

Any product will encounter after-sales problems more or less, and the same is true for the safety display series. Although the safety display products are basically of stable quality and will not break easily, problems may also occur. If the main body is broken, we have a one-year Warranty service will provide maintenance and replacement services during this period.

What is the basic price of a security display device?

At present, with the shortage of chips in the market, basically all products that contain chips have a certain degree of price increase, and the security display products contain chips, so there will be a certain degree of price increase.
Moreover, different types have different price distributions. Generally, products with more functions are more expensive, and independent styles will be higher than the average price of multi-port hosts.
Here are a few examples of different types of products to introduce the different prices.

Wireless mobile phone security display stand

This should be the most expensive one in all the mobile security display series, because of its professional technology, that is, the wireless remote control method.

Vertical independent mobile phone security stand

This is an ordinary mobile phone security anti-theft device, the price is less than 20 US dollars, which is a common security display price.

Cost-effective mobile phone security anti-theft device

This is a security display stand with a relatively high cost performance. Its price is less than 15 US dollars, and the outside is metal-plated, which has high stability and high cost performance.

Multi-port host security display series

The multi-port host security display series is the same product with relatively high cost performance, because it can be divided into different types of 2 ports and 4 ports and 6 ports and 8 ports. On average, the price is very cheap, and the protection cost of each mobile phone is low.
There is still a lot of knowledge about the safety display series, which should be discussed according to the specific situation. If you are willing to be a distributor of our safety display series, it will be great. For more details, please contact me directly for further details.
You can also refer to the following article to learn more about the security display.
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