Mobile Phone Anti Theft Display Display Holder Buying Guide


Retail security anti-theft series generally include many aspects, such as supermarket security anti-theft and clothing store anti-theft and so on. Today we are going to focus on the security anti-theft display. Mobile phones and tablets are already an indispensable part of people's lives, so there are more and more shops selling mobile phones and tablets. Therefore, the security and anti-theft of mobile phones and tablets have become an indispensable part of the retail security industry.


What is a Mobile Phone Anti-theft Display Stand

The mobile phone anti-theft display stand is a stand used to display and protect the protected mobile phone. When someone steals the mobile phone, the display stand of the mobile phone will activate the alarm device. This reminds staff to take protective measures.


The Composition of Mobile Phone Security Display Stand

A complete set of mobile phone anti-theft systems, on the surface, is generally divided into the mobile phone anti-theft bracket itself and the remote control. The anti-theft security bracket is used to place the mobile phone, and the remote control is used to remotely control the anti-theft device. The anti-theft bracket itself is also composed of different parts, specifically composed of a wire connecting the mobile phone and the bracket, and a wire (including a charger) connected to the power source.

Of course, there is another very important component that is the remote control, the remote control is used to open and close the anti-theft device, which is a vital part.


How to Use Security Display Stand for Cell Phone

In fact, the steps to install a mobile phone anti-theft device are very simple, generally you need to pay attention to the following aspects.

1.First, fix the mobile phone anti-theft device on the table.Just take off the 3M sticker and stick it on the table. If it is a style with screws, you must first drill the screw holes on the table.

2.Install the mobile phone on the mobile phone anti-theft device.Just plug the charging cable into the phone.If it is a style with a clip, you need to fix the clip on the phone.


How to Choose Mobile Phone Anti Theft Display Holder

There are three main aspects when choosing a security protection bracket.

1.Power supply

Everyone knows that different countries have different power plugs. Therefore, the power supply of the anti-theft device should also be selected according to the shape of the power plug in your country.The general power plug models have European standard and American standard and British standard and Australian standard.


2.Charging cable head model

The only three charging heads currently on the market are Lightning and Typec and Micro.Customers can choose the corresponding charging cable according to their product model.


3.Model of safety display stand

The model of the safety display bracket is generally considered from the product function and material. The price of more features will be relatively more expensive. The materials are generally acrylic, ABS and metal.Today I mainly recommend the metal security anti-theft display stand, because it is the most cost-effective, strong and relatively cheap.


Hot Selling Mobile Phone Security Display Stand


Security Display Stand Suppliers Around You

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If you still want to know more about mobile phone anti-theft display stand:

Mobile phone anti-theft display stand

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