Several aspects of knowledge about mobile anti-theft device

Is mobile anti-theft device universal?
The mobile phone anti-theft device is universal, it can be widely used in any brand and model of mobile phone anti-theft,
What are the parts of a mobile phone anti-theft device?
A complete set of mobile phone anti-theft system, on the surface, is generally divided into the mobile phone anti-theft bracket itself and the remote control.The anti-theft security bracket is used to place the mobile phone, and the remote control is used to remotely control the anti-theft device.The anti-theft bracket itself is also composed of different parts, specifically composed of a wire connecting the mobile phone and the bracket, and a wire (including a charger) connected to the power source.
Of course, there is another very important component that is the remote control,the remote control is used to open and close the anti-theft device,which is a vital part.
From which aspects are the mobile phone security anti-theft brackets classified?
According to different mobile phone brands, mobile phone charging cables can be divided into different types, including Micro cable, Typec cable and Lightning cable.
According to the different types of adapters, it can be divided into European standard and American standard, British standard and Chinese standard and so on.
3.Anti-theft type
According to the different anti-theft functions, the anti-theft types can be divided into independent anti-theft devices and multi-port host anti-theft devices.
A stand-alone mobile alarm is an anti-theft device that only takes care of one mobile phone.Its advantage is higher anti-theft coefficient and more beautiful appearance. But the price may also be slightly more expensive than a multi-port host.
Multi-port anti-theft host can be divided into 2-port, 4-port, 6-port, 8-port, 10-port host.Its advantage is that the average cost is lower than that of a stand-alone mobile phone alarm stand.
4.Additional functions of anti-theft device
The additional function of the anti-theft device means that in addition to the ordinary normal anti-theft function, additional functions are added. So what are the ordinary functions? The ordinary functions refer to the anti-theft function and charging function of the anti-theft device.What do the additional functions mean? The additional functions include screws fixed on the desktop and clips for placing mobile phones.With the screws fixed on the table and the clips for fixing the mobile phone, it will give the mobile phone more protection.
5.Anti-theft device material
In general, the most used material for anti-theft devices is ABS. The full name of ABS is Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene plastic, which is a widely used material in the industry.Secondly, acrylic and metal are also widely used.
How to operate the mobile phone anti-theft security device?
In fact, the steps to install a mobile phone anti-theft device are very simple, generally you need to pay attention to the following aspects.
1.First, fix the mobile phone anti-theft device on the table.Just take off the 3M sticker and stick it on the table. If it is a style with screws, you must first drill the screw holes on the table.
2.Install the mobile phone on the mobile phone anti-theft device.Just plug the charging cable into the phone.If it is a style with a clip, you need to fix the clip on the phone.
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