Security display basic introduction

Security display
There are many types of security displays, including mobile phone security displays, tablet security displays, laptop computer security displays, and so on.Today we are going to introduce the knowledge of each security display.
Mobile phone security display
Mobile phone security anti-theft is also called smart phone security and cell phone security anti-theft.
Mobile security display is the most important one among all security displays.
According to different standards, mobile security anti-theft can be classified according to the following rules.
According to the different anti-theft mode,mobile phone security is divided into independent anti-theft and multi-port host anti-theft.Mobile phone independent security and anti-theft means that it has an independent stand and power supply.Multi-port host mobile phone security and anti-theft means that one host can protect multiple mobile phones at the same time.The independent security anti-theft device is placed on the table, and the multi-port anti-theft host is placed under the table.
According to the different charging cables, there are three types of charging cables: micro, typec and lightning, which can meet all types of mobile phones on the market.
Different countries have different charging plugs, which can generally be divided into European and American standards, and British and Australian standards.

Independent mobile phone security stand

Multi-port host security and anti-theft host
Camera security and anti-theft
Camera security and anti-theft are mainly divided into whether it contains a camera, because a camera with a camera requires an additional camera bracket. A camera without a camera only needs a separate camera stand.
The camera security anti-theft device can only provide a safety contact line for the camera, but cannot be charged, because the camera needs a special charger for charging.

Camera security anti-theft protection stand without lens

SLR camera safety display stand
Tablet security antitheft display stand
Tablet computer security and anti-theft is also a kind of security display that is more commonly needed.Tablet anti-theft and mobile phone anti-theft have similar principles. Both need to provide security and anti-theft for the tablet as well as charge the tablet.Its charging cable can also be divided into three types: micro, typec and lightning.But the bracket it needs may need to be larger than the mobile phone security and anti-theft. And the clips needed are bigger.Look at the following two types of tablet anti-theft.

Tablet security stand with basic style

You can see that the stand of a tablet is much larger than that of a mobile phone because it has a larger footprint.

Tablet security stand with clip

With the clip, it will give the tablet an extra layer of protection. It is difficult for a thief to take the tablet away easily.

Smart watch security display
Smart watches and smart bracelets are now more and more popular with consumers.So we need a variety of anti-theft devices for smart watches and smart bracelets.
Generally, smart watch anti-theft devices are divided into those that can charge the watch and those that cannot be charged.

The smart watch safety bracket does not bring the watch charging function.
It can only provide safe display and anti-theft for the watch.Can protect the strap and dial at the same time, there are special cable for them.The watch safety bracket can be fixed on the table with screws.

This watch security anti-theft bracket that can charge Apple Watch or Huawei Watch has a wireless charging device on it to charge the watch.

Intelligent security display is an indispensable one of the retail security anti-theft series.

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