Mobile phone security and anti-theft

What issues should be paid attention to in mobile phone security and anti-theft?
1.The charging port type of the mobile phone

We need to know the charging port type of the mobile phone,this charging cable is generally divided into three types, namely Typec and Micro and Lightning.Nowadays, there are fewer and fewer mobile phones using Micro, and they are generally updated to Typec.In addition, they are basically Lightning, which is a dedicated cable for iPhone and iPad.
Many people don't know what each type of cable looks like. Let's introduce it below.
Lightning cable

 Micro cable

Typec cable

2. The type of adapter for mobile phone security anti-theft device

Like many electrical appliances that need to be plugged into a power source, a mobile phone security anti-theft device also needs an adapter to connect to the power source.This adapter will be equipped with different styles according to different countries.
Generally, the adapter of these devices are divided into European standard, American standard, Australian standard, British standard, Chinese standard, and so on.The following figure shows examples of pictures of several adapters

European standard plug

European standard plugs are used in major European countries, such as Germany, France, the Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Austria, Belgium, Hungary, Spain, Sweden and other EU countries and South Korea.

American standard plug

American standard plugs are generally used in countries such as the United States, Canada, Brazil, Japan, the Philippines, and Thailand.

British standard plug

British standard plugs are generally used in the UK, India, Pakistan, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Maldives, Qatar and other countries.

3.Mobile phone size that requires  security stand

Different sizes of mobile phones require different security mobile phone holders, because some mobile phone security brackets require a large holder to fit, and some mobile phones are small in size and only need to be suitable for its size.

4.Choose different styles according to the table where the safety holder is placed

Generally, when considering this factor, it is mainly to see if there are any holes on the table for screws.If there are holes on the table, you can choose a safety bracket with screws; if there are no holes on the table, you can directly stick it on the table with a 3M sticker.

Mobile phone security bracket with screws

Safety brackets containing screws need to be punched on the table, and the holes must be punched strictly in accordance with the spacing and size of the screws.

5.Types of mobile phone security anti-theft devices

The types of mobile phone security anti-theft devices are generally divided into independent mobile phone security anti-theft devices and multi-port host security anti-theft series.
A stand-alone mobile phone security anti-theft device means that a security device can only protect one mobile phone.
The multi-port host security anti-theft device can be connected to multiple mobile phones at the same time for protection. This kind of multi-port host can be divided into 2-port and 4-port and 6-port and 8-port and 10-port host.

Independent security mobile phone anti-theft device

The independent security mobile phone anti-theft device can protect the mobile phone separately, and it is directly connected to the power supply without connecting to any host.

Multi-port host mobile phone security anti-theft device

Multi-port host security anti-theft device, generally this kind of multi-port host is a host connected to multiple bases, and then protect the corresponding number of mobile phones.
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