Introduction of mobile anti-theft alarm

The popularity of mobile anti-theft devices

At present, mobile phones are already indispensable in people's lives. In the current world, if people leave their phones for a day, they may feel as if they have lost the entire world.People may only change to a new mobile phone for about a year at most. Whenever a new model comes on the market, most of us will rush to try it.Therefore, the mobile phone industry is an indispensable industry in today's society, and shops selling mobile phones can be seen everywhere on the street.With the rise of mobile phone shops, mobile anti-theft devices are also indispensable.Merchants will also choose more beautiful and popular styles based on the new phone models.In this industry, INVUE and MTI have always been the leaders, and many manufacturers will imitate their styles and functions.But in recent years, mobile anti-theft devices made in China have also updated many styles of their own, and they are very popular in this field of customers.But do you know how to install a mobile anti-theft stand?Let me give you a detailed introduction.

1.First, we tear off the adhesive protective film at the bottom of the alarm bracket and stick it to the desktop.Press down the touch point and keep it close to the desktop.If it is a model with screws, you need to find the position of the screw hole, and then fix the screw on the table.

2.Then plug the charger cable and alarm cable into the phone and connect to the power source.

3.Then tear off the 3M sticker on the top of the alarm stand, put the phone on the stand.Press down the touch point and stick it tightly to the phone.If it is a style with a clip, you need to fix the clip on the phone.

4.Then you can press and hold the remote control to start.
Categories of mobile anti-theft alarms 

In general, there are two types of anti-theft alarms for mobile phones. 

One is the independent alarm stand, which means that an alarm stand can only meet the alarm function of one mobile phone. This alarm is beautiful and easy to install and move.

The second type is the multi-port host alarm.It means that one host can alarm for multiple mobile phones, generally divided into 2-port, 4-port, 6-port, 8-port and 10-port host.We can choose different cables according to different mobile phone models.The advantage of this model is that it can save space and cost.

Stand alone mobile phone alarm stand 

Multi-port host alarm device

Different cables of mobile phone anti-theft 

According to different mobile phone models, there will be different interface cables.Mainly divided into the following three types.
     MICRO  interface cable
LIGHTNING  interface cable
  TYPE-C  interface cable
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