Hot-selling product-Retractable mobile phone security stand

Hot sale ~~Phone and Tablet Security Series
Recently, the new coronavirus has been completely controlled in China, and most of our companies have resumed normal production and operations. Fortunately, the author (Myself) is here again to share our products with you. Fortunately, I passed by the virus.In the face of the virus, all the humans who live on the earth are one family.I hope we can all help each other and defeat the virus together.For more than a month since the Chinese virus was severe, the author (Myself) was anxious and worried every day, but finally, in the spring days,the flowers are gradually blooming we saw the dawn of victory.Today happens to be the Arbor Day. The author (Myself) proposes that everyone care for nature, cherish plants and animals.
Today I want to introduce you to a popular product that has been selling in our Alibaba store recently.It is a security display stand used to protect mobile phones and tablets.It has a beautiful appearance and practical functions.It has similar functions to INVUE OnePOD series, but it is simpler and cheaper to operate than INVUE. Please look at the overall picture below.
Product composition
The complete set of products, including the bracket itself, the adapter, the power cord, the charging cable(including type-c and micro and lighting), the screws and screwdriver and the clip(it is optional and not necessary).The remote control is a piece free for 10 pcs of devices.View the following picture.
Product advantages

Retractable wire

This retractable wire is not found in ordinary mobile phone security is made of steel wire,robust and durable.And when the thief cuts the wire, the device will alarm.This wire can be stretched more than 2000 times.

Available color LED lights

The LED light is blue when charging, and it feels clean and bright. But if you do n’t like blue, you can choose to customize other colors, such as yellow and orange

Can be used on both phones and tablets
Width 55 mm-88 mm

Suitable for 4-5.5 inch mobile phones

 Width 120 mm-160 mm & 160-195 mm

Suitable for 8 inch and 10 inch tablets

Operation video
Other product recommendations
Because the special process of the above product is more complicated, the price is a little relatively high, and there are some other products recommended with same cost-effective.
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