Introduction of various AM soft labels

  Introduction of various AM soft labels
Brief introduction of AM labels
AM soft label is an accessory used in conjunction with the EAS AM anti-theft system.
Types of AM labels
1. ;The most common soft labels 

According to appearance, they are generally divided into these four types.

Completely blank
With DR word
      With barcode
 With barcode and DR
Regarding the above four models,they can all be made into 2 chips and 3 chips.In fact, the pattern on the outside is for decoration only, without any key function, mainly the chips on the inside. 3chips has better performance than 2chips, and the detection distance is wider.
2.Clothes printing label
This type of clothing printing label can follow the customer's needs and provide different designs, which are mainly divided into embossing process and label outer material and label sealing process.
 Conventional process
      Double embossing
Three side seal
Seal embossing

The production process of this label is mainly a general DR label inside, and a layer of outer cover. The outer material can be selected from Oxford cloth, ribbon, full extinction ribbon, nylon layer, polyester cotton, etc.Of course, the DR tag can also choose 2 chips or 3 chips according to the needs.

3.Embedded soft label

For some products with a box, you can choose to insert the label into the box, which requires an embedded label.Putting the label inside the box is more concealed and the anti-theft effect is better.And also it does not affect the aesthetics of the product.
The characteristic of this label is that it is changed to a pointed end on one side of the ordinary DR label.
You can easily insert the label inside the  commodity box
4.Waterproof label
Some liquid products may require waterproof labels.That needs to put a layer of waterproof plastic on the outside of the ordinary label,like this
Generally, this kind of waterproof label is no problem if it is used above -25 degrees. If it is below -25 degrees, then special frozen custom labels are needed,which can be used exclusively in super frozen environments.
5.Custom pattern soft label
We can customize the special labels according to customer's brand, print customized LOGO, and customize various colored shells.Custom labels feature both the role of propaganda and anti-theft.
6.Permanent magnetic label

Permanent magnetic labels mean the labels that cannot be decoded.Non-decoding labels are generally used for functions that are not for sale on some products, such as in playgrounds or museums.You can place the soft labels inside hard tags or use soft tags alone.

 A non-decodeable soft label is a chip with a permanent magnet inside it, which cannot be decoded.
 A non-decodeable hard tag is putting a soft label inside that is not decodable.
Decoding of soft labels
Generally, AM soft labels can be decoded. After being decoded, the labels can no longer be used, and can only be invalidated. Because the AM soft label is 58 KHz, so it needs a 58 KHz deactivator to decode it.About the deactivator,It is basically divided into split type and integrated type.
Integrated type AM deactivator

The integrated type deactivator means that the decoder board and controller are integrated

 Split type AM deactivator

The split type deactivator means that the decoder board and controller are separated

The difference between the two decoders is that the split type is 3-5 cm higher than the integrated decoding height.
AM soft labels have another name is AM sticker,it is an accessory used with the AM system.
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