A popular mobile phone security anti-theft device

What types of retail security anti-theft include?
Retail security and anti-theft is now an essential part of life. So what are the aspects of retail security and anti-theft, do you know? The retail industry involves the clothing industry, the supermarket industry, and the 3c product industry.Therefore, retail security anti-theft includes clothing anti-theft, supermarket anti-theft, 3C product anti-theft, and so on.3C products mainly include mobile phones and tablets, laptops and so on.
The development history of mobile phone anti-theft device
L-shaped mobile phone alarm stand

The L-shaped mobile phone alarm is the most primitive mobile phone security anti-theft device.

It is characterized by a simple configuration, just a simple L-shaped stand.

A more advanced mobile phone security anti-theft device

The mobile phone security anti-theft device with a more advanced shape refers to an upgrade of the shape on the original basis.This device looks a little more beautiful, compared to the L-shaped anti-theft device.

More advanced mobile phone security anti-theft device

This product has been upgraded on the original basis. The design of the clip is added. This clip can be adjusted according to the size of the mobile phone, and of course it can also be used on the tablet.

The most popular and effective mobile phone security anti-theft device

The one introduced below is currently the most popular mobile phone security anti-theft device.

BHW001 Mobile phone security anti-theft device

First of all, its appearance is no different from other mobile phone anti-theft devices.But it has a certain height, which will make the customer experience better.

Special mobile phone security and anti-theft configuration

His special feature is that it has a telescopic steel wire rope inside,this wire rope can be stretched and extended.The longest wire rope can be stretched more than 1 meter.Its existence is to enable customers to pick up their mobile phones very high without having to bend down to look at the mobile phones.

Anti-theft alarm module with invention patent

Superb technology and perfect design make this mobile phone alarm more perfect.The warning lights are all beautiful LED lights.

Small details highlight quality

The small details that can be seen everywhere show the quality. The length of the screw can be adjusted in this place, which makes the operation more convenient.

 Multi-function alarm settings

Another very powerful function of this mobile phone alarm is that it can be connected to the back of other accessories to prevent theft, such as earphones and speakers.

How to operate and use this mobile anti-theft device?
If you have any questions about this multifunctional mobile phone security anti-theft device, please contact me directly.
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