What types of retail anti-theft systems are there and how should we choose?

The retail industry is an indispensable part of people's daily lives. The retail industry includes too many aspects. The retail industry is the part closest to people's lives. Therefore, retail anti-theft is also an indispensable part, such as clothing anti-theft and supermarkets anti-theft and grocery store anti-theft, etc. are all retail anti-theft.
Today I will list a few more common types of retail anti-theft to illustrate their uses and methods of use.

Clothing anti-theft system

The clothing anti-theft system is actually the simplest in the retail anti-theft system, because the labels it uses are relatively simple. Only hard labels can solve the problem, and no soft labels are needed.
The clothing anti-theft system mainly uses hard tags and anti-theft antennas and tag removers.
Hard tags are mainly hung on clothes. Hard tags can be used repeatedly. After removing the tags with a tag remover, the tags can be used repeatedly.The entire clothing store can use the same kind of hard tag, which is convenient and trouble-free.

How to choose a clothing store anti-theft system that suits you?

This depends on the area of the clothing store, the number of outlets of the clothing store, and the distance between the doorways. The area of the store mainly depends on how many clothing anti-theft tags are needed. The number of outlets and the width of the outlets determine how many anti-theft antennas you need.

Clothing anti-theft system

Supermarket anti-theft system

The supermarket anti-theft system is more complicated than the clothing store anti-theft system, because it requires both hard tags and soft labels, because there are too many types of goods in the supermarket. Different kinds of hard tags and soft labels may be required.

Supermarket anti-theft system

How to choose a suitable supermarket anti-theft system?

Supermarket anti-theft systems are also the same as clothing store anti-theft systems. It is necessary to know the area of the store, the number of outlets, and the width of the outlets.
In addition, a very important factor that a supermarket anti-theft system needs is to know which products are sold in the supermarket, so that you can know what labels are needed. For example, towels need hard tags, cosmetics need soft labels, and wine needs special bottle security tags and so on.
In addition, one thing to pay attention to in supermarket anti-theft is to see where the anti-theft antenna is installed.

1. The EAS anti-theft antenna installed at the cash register

This installation method is the safest method, because it is guaranteed that every exit is guarded by an anti-theft antenna.

2. The EAS anti-theft antenna installed at the main exit

This method means that you only need to install the anti-theft antennas at the main exit, and you don’t need to install the antenna at the cash register.

Grocery store anti-theft system

Grocery store anti-theft and supermarket anti-theft systems have similar principles. It is also because complex goods require a variety of different types of tags and labels..But the difference between a supermarket and a grocery store is that the area of the supermarket is larger and there are more types of goods, so more types and quantities of labels are needed.

Grocery store anti-theft system

How to choose the best anti-theft system for grocery stores?

Grocery stores and supermarkets are very similar in nature, but the area of the grocery store is smaller than that of the supermarket.The things in the grocery store are also very complicated, requiring different kinds of labels, like ordinary security hard tags and special-function security hard tags.But because the grocery store is relatively small, the number of EAS safety antennas required is also relatively small.
Of course, if the area is too small or the width of the doorway is relatively narrow, it is not suitable to install the EAS system, because if it is installed, it will cause frequent false alarms, and the distance between the antenna and the tag will eventually be more than 3 meters, otherwise it will easily cause antenna errors alarm.
For more information on anti-theft security in retail stores, please check this
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