What are the applications of EAS anti-theft devices?


1. Library anti-theft system

The library anti-theft system is generally divided into two modes, one is the system of borrowing mode, which requires RFID or EM system.Because RFID and EM systems can acheive the labels demagnetization unlimited times.When customers take the books out of the library, they should put the books on the degaussing device for degaussing, and then the label will lose its function, and there will be no alarm sound when passing the anti-theft antenna at the door.

EAS EM library anti-theft system

As shown in the picture is the EAS EM system, which is generally placed at the exit of the library. When customers borrow and return books, they need to demagnetize the EM magnetic strip on the degausser first, so that the book will not cause an alarm when the book is taken out.

RFID book anti-theft intelligent system

RFID book anti-theft intelligent system is a new type of EAS anti-theft security system, RFID can be connected to software, can check inventory in real time, and can inventory inventory.With the development of the times, RFID has increasingly become a trend of intelligent anti-theft. RFID is not only used in book anti-theft, of course, some other anti-theft also use RFID, such as jewelry anti-theft and warehouse anti-theft.

2. EAS clothing anti-theft system

EAS clothing anti-theft system is the most common type of EAS anti-theft system, mainly including EAS AM system and EAS RF system. It is necessary to determine how many EAS antennas are needed according to the width of the outlet of the size of the clothing store and the number of outlets.

RF acrylic clothing anti-theft device

This is a relatively common clothing anti-theft device, which is widely used in clothing anti-theft systems.
Acrylic material is characterized by heavy weight and high transportation cost, but its appearance is relatively beautiful, transparent and beautiful.
When someone passes by this antenna with tagged clothes, the antenna will sound an alarm, so remove the tag at the checkout and use a tag remover.

EAS AM ABS anti-theft system

As shown in the picture is the EAS AM anti-theft system, its material is ABS, this material will be cheaper and lighter, and the shipping cost will be cheaper.

3.EAS supermarket anti-theft system

The supermarket anti-theft system is also a relatively common system in the EAS anti-theft system. The RF system and the AM system are often used. It is necessary to choose which system to use according to which tag the customer wants to use. Let's introduce them in turn.

2alarm/3alarm spider tags

Spider tags are divided into 2 alarm tags and 3 alarm tags. The 2 alarm tag has one less alarm method than the 3 alarm tag.

Baby formula anti-theft tag

Infant formula milk powder anti-theft label is a relatively common label in supermarkets, because the sales volume of infant formula milk powder in supermarkets is very large.
As shown in the picture is the embedded EAS AM anti-theft label. When some products are not suitable for using hard labels or sticking to the outside, this embedded label can be used to place the label inside the box, with good concealment and
As shown in the picture is a conventional commonly used DRAM label, which is directly pasted on the surface of the product. It is divided into 2chip and 3chip. The price is different and the effect is different.

4.Optical shop anti-theft system

Optical shop anti-theft system is also a very common type of EAS anti-theft system. Generally, what is required is an exclusive anti-theft tag for glasses. As shown in the figure below, a special tag is required to lock the glasses and a specific tag remover is required to open the glasses anti-theft tag.

Optical shop anti-theft system & anti-theft tag

This kind of glasses labels also have different frequencies, which are divided into 58KHZ and 8.2MHZ, and different frequencies contain different magnetic rods.

Optical shop anti-theft tag unlocker

The exclusive unlocker for glasses label can only be applied to this kind of glasses label, which is more professional and reliable.
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