The application of EAS system in retail security anti-theft


What is the principle of EAS system anti-theft?

The principle of EAS system anti-theft refers to the EAS system composed of EAS detector, EAS label and EAS label remover. It is placed in the product anti-theft system. When the anti-theft label on the product is not unlocked by the label remover, it is privately When you take it out of the store, the EAS antenna placed at the door of the store will give an alarm and emit a beeping sound. Therefore, the label removal operation must be carried out before the goods are taken out of the store. Generally, the label remover is placed next to the cash register. Before the goods are settled at the cash register, the label removal operation must be performed first.
Different tags require different tag removers, because the types of tags are different. If it is a hard tag, the tag can be recycled multiple times. When the tag is opened by the unlocker, it can be used next time. The soft tag is different. The soft tag can only be used once, and the soft tag needs a decoder. After the soft tag is decoded, it cannot be used again.

What are the types of EAS tags?

As mentioned above, EAS labels are generally divided into hard labels and soft labels. Hard labels are labels that can be reused and soft labels are disposable labels. Let's take a look at the difference between these two labels and their respective characteristics.

EAS Super Hard Tag

As shown in the figure is the EAS super hard tag, which is a common hard tag in the EAS AM system and can be reused.Another name for this security hard tag is the super tag, which means that the super tag has stronger performance than the ordinary tag because it has a longer detection distance and a more complicated opening procedure.

EAS AM security strip

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What types of tag removers are there?

Label removers generally have different types according to different types of tags. Generally, they are universal. These are all magnetic unlockers. Generally, 5000GS is enough.

EAS Tag Remover

As shown in the figure is a relatively common type of label remover, with a magnetism of about 5000GS, which can generally open the more common EAS security tags.However, some special tags may not be opened with this magnetic unlocker, and a manual unlocker is required. Just like the super tag just described, it can only be opened with a manual unlocker.

EAS handle tag remover

As shown in the picture is the manual tag remover, which can only be used to open the super tag.
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