Everything You Need to Know About Mobile Phone Security Display Stand


mobile phone security display stand

mobile phone security display stand

As a product of the information high-tech era, mobile phones have always been in a leading position in the communications industry. Pay great attention to mobile phones when they are sold in major stores. Because mobile phones are valuables and expensive, there are people coming and going in mobile phone shops. If they are stolen accidentally, the loss should not be underestimated. In order to avoid the occurrence of the above phenomenon, mobile phone merchants will use mobile phone anti-theft display stands. Let me introduce the features of this product.


Introduction to Mobile Phone Security Display Stand

The mobile anti-theft device is an anti-theft display device used by 3C stores for the open experiential marketing of mobile phones. With the rapid development of the smartphone market and increasingly fierce market competition, a new generation of marketing model-experiential marketing has brought stronger competitiveness for 3C companies. 

The mobile phone anti-theft device brings a better customer experience and stricter anti-theft measures to experiential marketing, so it is widely loved by major 3C companies and consumers.

The mobile phone anti-theft device adopts a multi-point automatic alarm function and smart charging technology. It automatically enters the state of police agency and charges the mobile phone when the real mobile phone is displayed. 

Compared with the traditional counter-type marketing, it saves more labor costs and also reduces The customer experience has been raised to a new level, and its strict anti-theft measures have also minimized property losses.


Advantages of Mobile Phone Security Display Stand

mobile phone security display stand

Save manpower and reduce costs

Before the mobile phone anti-theft display stand was invented, merchants used the method of clerk monitoring. While introducing mobile phones to customers, each clerk must also pay attention to other people's illegal activities. In this way, the cost is increased and the work pressure of the clerk is increased. 

The emergence of mobile phone anti-theft display racks has just solved this problem, allowing businesses to solve the problem of anti-theft, so that shop assistants can safely carry out mobile phone sales.


Optimize space

The appearance of the mobile phone anti-theft display rack is very small and does not take up too much area. Installing several mobile phone anti-theft display racks on each glass counter can make the mobile phone look more high-end, which is very suitable for major mobile phone stores.


More beautiful!

1Built-in sensor line, minimalist style

2The all-aluminum alloy silver-white oxidation treatment shell is more fashionable, and the porcelain white oval base is more atmospheric.

3Remove the sticky cap on the front of the traditional anti-theft device, and use the charging interface to carry out anti-theft alarm, simplifying the complexity


More humane!

1Built-in sensor line to avoid false alarms and make it quieter.

2Support charging digital products, realizing the integration of charging and anti-theft.

3 Apple and Android models can be charged and anti-theft! Replace the anti-theft charging cables with different interfaces to achieve multiple functions in one device.



1 One-to-one encryption with a three-digit password to prevent theft, professional remote control to unlock, more secure!

2Built-in 480Am long-lasting lithium battery can prevent theft even without plugging in, without worry about power failure!


How to Install Mobile Phone Anti-theft Device

1. Insert the power cord into the socket on the left side of the alarm. At this time, the red light is on to prove that the alarm is charging, and it will automatically turn off when it is fully charged.

2. Tear off the adhesive protective film at the bottom of the alarm and stick it to a clean and flat table

3. Then tear off the adhesive protective film on the square box of the induction spring wire, and stick the back of the phone to the square box of the induction spring wire. At this time, the anti-theft device will make a sound, indicating that it has entered the working state.

4. Insert one end of the mobile phone charging cable with earphone plug into the earphone hole above the small square box, and the other end into the mobile phone charging port. At this time, the phone shows that it is charging and has entered the anti-theft mode.

5. The factory password is 3 4 5. If the remote control is pointed at the alarm, press the 3 4 5 button to stop the alarm.



If you need to buy a mobile anti-theft display stand, then we can provide you with this service. We are a professional mobile phone anti-theft device supplier and can provide you with many types of mobile phone anti-theft display stands. And you can get more discount prices with us. Welcome to contact us or check our mobile phone anti-theft bracket catalog!

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