Why to choose the security labels?

    How to protect store property?

    As everyone knows, when you run a retail store or shopping mall, in addition to making profits, you should make sure to reduce or even achieve zero loss of the property of the retail store and shopping mall. This seemingly simple but difficult question often leaves investors scratching their heads. However, with the continuous improvement of science and technology, the EAS system developed is widely used around the world, which plays a certain role in protecting commodity property. 

 But in order to prevent property damage shopping malls and retail stores also use security label,not only that, some clothing stores also use clothing security labels and so on. May some people are full of doubt, why to choose the security labels? This article may be able to answer you some confusion.

    Reasons for choosing a security label

    When the security label is used, it needs to be used together with the EAS system. When the non-degaussed merchandises pass through the detector, the machine will send out an alarm, and then the staff or security guard in the store will know whether someone has taken the merchandises without authorization. Only items that have been magnetized at the checkout counter will not have an alarm when they walk out the door.This is to protect the store property losses. There are also many different kinds of security labels, not only has an electronic tag, soft label and hard label has, including bottle button tag, milk powder cans, and so on.Why so many businesses use security labels, there are several reasons:

 Point 1

Small and convenient, easy to use, no technical problems. The soft label in electronic security labels fits well with this feature. Soft label is a similar to the strip shape, it can paste on the items directly, most is paste on some harder items, such as shampoo, lipstick packaging, cosmetics and so on.Although soft label will not be able to repeat use, similar to the disposable goods, but its cost is low, if companies want to save costs, soft label is also a good choice.
 Point 2

Reduce cost and reuse.Although hard labels are not as easy to use as soft labels and need to be used together with nail remover, it is worth mentioning that hard labels can be used repeatedly. Unlike soft labels, hard labels are more likely to be used once, thus reducing costs. Hard labels are commonly used for soft and penetrable items, such as clothes, hats, scarves, etc. In addition, wine bottle buckle and milk powder buckle also belong to a kind of hard label, also can be reused.

 Point 3

Beautify the customer shopping environment, reduce labor costs.The shopping environment today is very different and improved compared to what it used to be.Before the use of EAS system and security labels, the "people-watching" mode was basically adopted. When people went to shopping malls or supermarkets, a waiter would always follow them, in order to prevent some customers from stealing merchandises. In this way, although the loss is reduced, the cost is higher. Moreover, the "people-watching" will make consumers feel embarrassed, which will not achieve the consumption experience they should have and make the shopping mall look unaesthetic.Using the security label can be greatly improved after these problems.

   The role of the EAS system and security tag

   In general, with the continuous improvement of people's living standard and consumption level, a large number of supermarkets have emerged, bringing convenience to consumers and profits to businesses. Even so, theft is still a problem for merchants, so it is essential to use security tags and EAS systems, which is the most reliable and economical management method to reduce losses.


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