Why supermarket alarm systems produce false positives

Anti-theft antenna alarms sometimes generate false alarms, causing misunderstandings between customers and businesses. This will affect the customer's goodwill towards the merchant, and will also cause other customers to have an unfriendly shopping experience. Why does the supermarket's anti-theft system have false positives? In response to this problem, bohang will answer the doubts for everyone.

False positives are divided into:

1. The alarm of the equipment due to a failure.
2. Alarm when people or objects pass (no tags on people or objects).
3.Alarm when people pass (with label)


False-positive reason:

1. The soft label is not decoded (products in this supermarket or other supermarkets are possible), and the hard label is not removed.
2. The resurrection of soft labels (products purchased from this supermarket or other supermarkets may be resurrected).
3. Adding other electronic equipment, circuits or poor-quality electrical appliances near the antenna causes the electromagnetic environment to change and cause false alarms.
4. Multiple antennas are not synchronized.
5. Equipment failure.


There are several reasons for false alarms and missed alarms of the anti-theft antenna

I. First of all, the anti-theft device in the supermarket will generate false alarms generally refers to the radio frequency (8.2 megabytes) anti-theft system, which triggers the alarm by receiving an 8.2 megabyte signal.
2. The probability of false alarms of acoustic-magnetic anti-theft systems is much smaller than that of radio frequency. Firstly, acoustic magnetic and radio frequency work differently. The acoustic magnetic is generated by the tuning fork resonance of anti-theft devices and tags, which greatly reduces Device false positive rate.
There are two factors for the false alarms of acoustic and magnetic equipment. 1. (Circuit interference) The requirements of the acoustic and magnetic anti-theft system will be higher. It must be a 220V 50HZ single phase. There is also other electrical equipment that may cause changes in hertz and phase and cause the equipment to generate false alarms or malfunction.
2. (Invisible label interference) Now many foreign clothing factories and luggage factories will sew anti-theft labels into the products during the production process, which also causes domestic customers to have magnetic strips inside the clothing bags purchased from abroad or online. When the magnetic stripe is not demagnetized, it passes the sound magnetic anti-theft device to generate an alarm. If a similar situation occurs, the store clerk can direct the customer to the cashier to demagnetize the product.
Because radio frequency technology is widely used in civilians, the probability of radio frequency signals received by radio frequency immobilizers will also be very high. If it is close to 8.2 megabyte, it is possible to trigger the alarm of the immobilizer, which is usually called a false alarm.
If you find that the antenna is misreporting, if you cannot determine the cause, please turn off the power and contact the manufacturer.
Once the alarm goes off, it is impossible to blindly determine that there is a problem with the product in the customer's hands. For the customers who caused the alarm, they cannot be treated unreasonably, let alone question the customers with a skeptical tone. Be polite and let the client cooperate with the staff to check. If there is a problem with the alarm, apologize to the customer after the inspection.
False positives are also a double-edged sword, and occasional false positives can also serve as a reminder and deterrent.
In addition, it is important to choose a good EAS brand. Good brands have a low false alarm rate, which can bring greater benefits to businesses and can be more effective in preventing theft of goods and clothing.



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