What types of clothing safety labels are there?

Clothing anti-theft is one type of EAS system. The clothing anti-theft label is a type of EAS accessories.
Generally, clothing security tags/garment safety labels can be divided into two different types, which are hard tags and soft labels. In terms of hard tags, it usually means the tag with pins or with a lanyard, and the tag can be reused many times. While for soft labels, it usually means the label with DR soft label inside and non-woven fabric cover.
Now I am going to introduce these two different kinds of garment security tags and clothing security labels.

EAS Security hard tag for Clothing 

The working principle of security hard tags

In terms of security hard tags using on clothing, it usually refers to the tag with a pin. We use the pin to pass through the clothing and fasten together with the tag and then the clothing secured by the tag firmly.
When we want to open the tag,we will need a tag remover to open the tag,and then the tag will be separated from the pin. After the tag opened by the tag remover,the tag and the pin can will be reused next time till they are broken.

The different categaries of security hard tags

Accoring to the different shapes, the security hard tag can be devided into many different kinds.Acaturally their function is same ,only the shape is different.They can be devided into AM pencil tag and mini pencil tag and square tag and mini square tag and super tag and son on.
According to the frequency,the security hard tag can be devided into AM security hard tag and RF security hard tag.
But no matter what kind of tag it is,their use on the clothing anti-theft is the same.Usually we need to put the tag on the clothing after its production when the clothing are ready for selling.So this kind of tag is usually used in shopping mall and clothing store.
There is another special hard tag that is called ink safety hard tag. Its special function is that when the tag is broken, the ink will flow out and make the clothing dirty and even if the thief stole the chothing they can not wear it.

What is a security garment source soft label?

The safety source soft label means that the label is directly sewn on the garment when the garment is produced, so that the label is already on the garment when the garment is produced, because it has a sewn cloth as the outer shell, so it is also called sewing Security label.Its composition is that there is a soft label inside as a safety label, and the outer shell is a cloth.Because it is finished directly with the product, it is also called the source tag or source label.

Garment woven security soft source label 

What are the advantages of source tags?

1.More hidden
Compared with the normal anti-theft tags outside on the package,the source tags can be added directly into the commodities.
2.More safer
Compared with the normal security tags,the source tags are not easy to be removed.The thief is not easy to know whether the commodities have been used anti-theft tags.
3.More time-saving
The label can be sewn directly on the product when it is produced in the factory.No need to add additional security labels after production.
4.Lower cost
The cost of soft labels is much lower than that of hard tags.
The style of the label can be customized, including the label shell and logo.

What does a secure garment soft source label look like?

The safe source label is actually a combination of a shell and a safe soft label. This shell and soft label can be of different types.Let’s take a look at some of the different types of source labels.

RF Security Soft Source Label for Garment

In general, the size of the RF soft label is larger than the size of the AM soft label. The LOGO and characters on the shell can be customized according to the different requirements of customers. The label inside can put labels of different sizes such as RF 4*4cm label and RF 5*5cm label.

AM Security Soft Source Label for Garment

In general, DR labels are placed in the source tags of AM clothes, and the size is relatively fixed, because DR label basically has only one size.

But like the RF source label, the AM source label can also be customized with different patterns and LOGO according to customer needs.

What kind of security source tags can be made?

In fact, the core of the source tag is the internal security tag, and the outer shell is only a protective function. So we can customize a variety of source tags according to the different needs of customers. The shell can be non-woven fabric, woven fabric, or plastic. Let's look at other types of source tags.

Anti-theft source label with plastic shell

The anti-theft source label with a plastic shell can extend the service life of the label to a large extent, and can achieve the functions of waterproof and anti-breaking.

Source label used on food

The source label used on food has the same principle as the source label on clothing, except that waterproof and safe paper is used as the outer shell of the security label.

The difference between the security hard tag and soft source label

Security hard tags can be reused. But it needs a needle to pierce the clothes.But if it is more expensive clothes, it will damage the clothes. The safety source soft label is directly sewn on the clothes without any damage to the clothes.
The security source label is sewn directly on the clothes and will be directly bought by the customer. When you go back to wear it, you can cut off the label directly, because the soft label loses its function after being decoded.

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