What to pay attention to in clothing stores anti-theft

Which EAS devices are used in clothing stores?

Generally, both AM and RF systems can be used for anti-theft in clothing stores. Because the tags used in clothing stores are relatively simple, hard tags are generally used, so AM or RF anti-theft devices can be used.
So whether to use an AM antenna or an RF antenna, it depends on the customer’s site conditions and customer preferences. In general, AM systems are less susceptible to interference from the on-site environment than RF systems. Because of the difference in frequency, AM is 58KHZ and RF is 8.2MHZ. The frequency of AM systems is small and less susceptible to on-site interference, such as LED lights and large The switching power supply and other large-scale electrical equipment.
Both AM antennas and RF antennas can be divided into two styles: MONO and DUAL. MONO means that an antenna is a system that can transmit and receive signals at the same time. The DUAL system means that two or more devices form a system. In the AM system, it is called the master antenna and the slave antenna. One main antenna can be connected to multiple slave antennas at the same time. In the RF system, it is called a transmitting antenna and a receiving antenna. One transmitting antenna can be connected to multiple receiving antennas at the same time.
On the surface, AM antennas and RF antennas are actually the same. Only the internal board and the frequency emitted by the board can distinguish them.
EAS RF ABS antenna
It can be made into MONO style and DUAL style. Of course, the RF system also has aluminum alloy style antennas and acrylic style antennas.
EAS AM Acrylic antenna
The EAS AM antenna can also be made into ABS and aluminum alloy styles, as well as MONO and DUAL styles, depending on the internal board.

What security tags can be used on clothing safety?

Under normal circumstances, clothing stores use hard tags, so in this case, AM hard tags and RF hard tags can be used.So what kinds of tags can be divided into?Let’s introduce these tags in turn.

Pencil AM security tag

Pencil safety tags are the most common  AM tags.The most common security label is composed of a label body and nails. The label body can be 25 cm or longer.The nails of the pencil tag can be divided into 16 mm or 19 mm in length.
According to the shape classification of pencil safety tags, it can be divided into EAS large pencil tags, EAS ordinary pencil tags and security mini pencil tags.The criterion for this distinction is the length of the pencil tag, and the magnetic rod and nail can be the same.

Mini EAS security pencil tag

Mini pencil tags are the shortest pencil tags, generally 43-45 mm.

58khz EAS security pencil tag

The 58khz AM pencil tag is a common pencil tag, which is between the size of the mini pencil tag and the large pencil tag.

AM 58khz seucrity oencil tag

The large pencil label is the longest pencil label, and it has the longest detection distance. It can reach the longest detection distance, compared to the mini pencil label and the ordinary pencil label.
Ink safety tags are used in the field of clothing safety,it can also be divided into two frequencies, AM or RF.
In general, the security labels of clothing stores are hard labels that can be recycled. You only need to use a lock opener to remove the nails, and then the labels and nails can be recycled.But one feature of the ink label is that once the ink label is damaged, the ink will stain the clothes, so even if the thief steals the clothes, they cannot be worn normally. This is an advantage of the ink label.

How to open the clothing security tag?

How to open the clothing security tag? General magnetic security tags can be opened with a magnetic unlocker. In addition to the supertag, the super label needs to be opened with a manual unlocking device or an electric unlocking device.

EAS AM super tag

EAS AM super tag

Super tag Electric detacher
Super tag Handle remover
Clothing anti-theft is an indispensable series of EAS security and anti-theft. For more clothing anti-theft knowledge, please consult me, Nanjing Bohang, EAS system, since 2001.
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