What's EAS Concealed Systems?

There are various types of retail security systems, and the EAS system is one of them.EAS system is the main system forin supermarkets anti-theft and clothing store anti-theft and shopping malls anti-theft.In general, the EAS system that we see the most is the EAS tower placed at the exit of the supermarket or shopping mall.Like this,
 Clothing store anti theft 

Clothing anti-theft system generally requires EAS antenna and EAS hard tag and detacher

 Supermarket anti theft

Supermarket anti-theft systems generally include hard tags and detacher and anti-theft antennas or soft labels and deactivator and anti-theft antenna

  Retial store anti theft

Retail store anti-theft systems generally include hard tags and detacher and anti-theft antennas or soft labels and deactivator and anti-theft antenna

But let me show you a shop, can you distinguish if it has an anti-theft device installed?
Ermenegildo Zegna is a famous brand from Italy, mainly engaged in men's clothing and accessories.This store is located in Nanjing Lukou International Airport, and Nanjing Bohang installed the concealed EAS anti-theft device for it.Because it installs a underground AM anti-theft system,it is not visible on the surface.
The composition of the AM underground system
   Concealed Systems Antenna

This antenna has the same founction with EAS tower,which is mainly for detecting anti theft tag.It is buried under the floor tiles of the exit.And it is detected by height, unlike vertical antennas which are detected by parallel directions.

      Concealed Systems Controller

The role of the controller mainly controls the operation of the antenna,

       Concealed Systems Power Box

The power box mainly controls the power used by the antenna

Under normal circumstances, a set of concealed AM system is mainly composed of an antenna and a controller and a power box.However, for a wide-distance exit, a controller can connect two power boxes and two antennas.Please check the below graphical presentation.

The length of the antenna is 1.8m.And the detection distance of soft label is about 0.8 m and the detection distance of hard tag is about 1.7 m.The maximum length of antenna and power box is 8 m.The distance for two antennas is about 0.4m,so the protection distance for two antennas can be 4 m.

The detection height of different security tags and labels is different,if it is a better performance soft label,the detection height can be up to 1.2 m, and the detection height of hard tag can be up to 1.7 m.
The specifications of the AM underground system 
1. BH9503 is currently the highest-end buried controller, which solves the problem of buried antenna metal shielding.
2. Can carry two buried antennas and power box at the same time.
3. Intelligent design makes installation and debugging more convenient.
4. No computer debugging, no remote controller debugging, all solved with a small screwdriver.
5. Multiple sets of systems can be synchronized without wired connection.
6. Can be selectively synchronized with other brand AM (acoustic magnetic) systems.
7. It is almost unaffected when it is not synchronized with other brand AM systems, and can work normally.
8. No strict grounding is required, that is, no ground wire does not affect the operation of the device, but for the safety of       electricity, it is recommended to use a socket with a ground wire.
9. Up to 8 antennas are installed, the detection width is up to 16 meters, and the ultra-wide spacing allows users to decorate more freely and give customers a better shopping experience.
10.The foldable antenna design is easier to transport or carry.
The place application of the AM underground system 
Because the cost of concealed systems is relative high, much higher than the price of EAS Pedestal.It is more suitable for higher-end places.
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