What is the EAS system?

   What's the EAS system?

As we all know, loss prevention is very importance. When you open a store or a shopping mall, or any other store, whatever the store is big or small, what firstly comes to your mind is how to protect the property of the store and how to prevent fraud, thief, shoplifting, etc. And then you need to use the EAS system. Let’s return to where we started, what is the EAS system? Let me show you something about it. 

   Introduction to EAS systems

EAS, its full name is Electronic Article Surveillance. It is the one of the merchandise safety measures, which is many large retail industry widely used up to now. EAS system is made for Sensor, Decoder, Electronic Label and Tag. Electronic label and tag also can divide into soft label and hard tag, soft label cost is lower, it can directly attache the harder merchandises, but it not reusable; Although the hard label have a higher one-time cost than soft label, it can be reused. The hard label should be equipped with a special stapler, which mainly used for soft and penetrable articles in clothing. Most of the decoder is non-contract devices with a certain decoding height. When the cashier collects money or bags, the electronic tag can be decoded without touching the demagnetization area. Of course, the decoder and laser scanner can also be synthesized into the same equipment, to achieve commodity collection and decoding to complete at one time, convenient cashier’s work, this way must be coordinated with the laser barcode supplier, eliminate the mutual interference between the two, improve the decoding sensitivity. When undecoded goods are taken out of the mall and pass through the detector device(mostly a door-like device), an alarm will be triggered to alert the cashier, customers and security personnel to deal with them in a timely manner.

   The role of the EAS system

The EAS system has the following functions: 1.Prevention of theft , EAS system changes the previous way of “man-to-man”and "man-to-man" to see the goods. It gives the goods a self-defense capability by high-tech means, so that the security measures can be implemented on each product, and the problem of goods theft can be solved thoroughly and effectively. Surveys have shown that businesses with EAS systems have a 60% to 70% lower theft rate than those without. 2.Simplify management, EAS system can effectively control the phenomenon of “internal theft”, alleviate the conflicts between employees and managers, remove the psychological barriers of employees, and enable employees to devote themselves to their work, thus improving work efficiency. 3.Act as a deterrent, EAS systems prevent customers from “shoplifters” in a strong and polite manner, avoid disputes caused by human factors, and protect the interests of merchants while respecting human rights. For the thieves, the EAS system can provide a great psychological deterrent for them, so that the thieves with“one thought” will not want to steal. 4.Improve the shopping atmosphere, in the past, “man for man” method, many consumers hate it, and businesses may also be left out in the cold. EAS system can create a good and relaxed shopping environment for consumers, allowing them to choose and buy merchandises freely, greatly improving  relationship between merchants and consumers, and winning more consumers for merchants. Ultimately, it increased sales and profits. 

   Development of EAS systems

With the improvement of human’s living standard and the acceleration of the pace of life, the self-service supermarket provides consumers with a convenient and fast way of shopping, which is more and more popular among consumers. On the one hand, the emergence of a large number of supermarkets brings great convenience to consumers, so that the service quality and economic efficiency of merchants can be significantly improved. On the other hand, it brings a headache to merchants--theft of merchandises. EAS system is a high-tech electronic anti-theft device. It uses high-tech means to give merchandises a self-defense ability, which can effectively protect merchandises from theft. At abroad, 90% of retailers use EAS systems to reduce theft. In China, EAS system is gradually accepted and adopted by the majority of businesses. EAS system is the most reliable and economical high-tech management means to reduce theft and loss.

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