What is spider wrap alarm?

The origin of the spider tag name
Among the many EAS security hard tags, there is a type of tag that is unique because of its name. It is spider tag. The reason why it is called a "spider tag" is because its shape is similar to a real spider. Its line are similar with the spider,it has eight threads, just like the spiders have eight feet.The spider tag can tightly wrap the product with its thread, so it is also called the security wrap tag.
Classification of spider tags
According to color

Generally spider tags have only two colors, black and white.

White spider wrap alarm
White spider security tag
Black spider tag
Black spider wrap alarm
Classification by alarm function
Spider tags are a type of self-alarm tag. The meaning of the self-alarm tag is that the tag can be alarmed itself. According to this definition, the spider tags can be divided into two modes. One is dual alarm, which means that when a thief destroys the tag ,the tag will alarm once,and when the tagged item passes the EAS antenna, the antenna will alarm twice. The other is a triple alarm, which means that on the basis of the double alarm, when the spider tag passes the EAS antenna, the spider will simultaneously alarm with the EAS antenna.
According to the size of the tag
The difference in the size of spider tags is mainly the diameter of the tags and the length of the lines.The size of the diameter is generally 48mm / 57mm / 73mm.And the length of line is generally 20-100cm.
Application of spider tags
Because of its special configuration, spider tags are generally used to wrap products, so spider tags are generally used for more expensive products, such as luxury stores or specialty stores.
How to use spider tags?
1. Use the spider wrap tag to remove it, open it and release the protective wire in the direction indicated by the arrow.

2. Put the items in the mesh bag, so that the protection line is evenly distributed on both sides of the product.

3. Tighten the protection line to fit the goods, but not too tight, then press the switch and the label will start to work;

4. Open the label by removing the spider pack, close to the suspender suspension switch, and the label stops working (if the rope must be broken, it will trigger an alarm).

5. After the installation is completed, the goods should be placed in the correct way to avoid damaging the goods. Then achieve the good effect of protecting the goods.

Considerations when using spider tags
1. Please do not stick the label around the anti-theft detection antenna (EAS system) during use, so as not to cause the detection antenna to alarm.

2. Spider wrapped tags need to be dry and ventilated to prevent moisture.

3. This tag is a special unlocking device, do not lose it.

4. When installing labels, pay attention to avoid pinching the goods.
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What is spider wrap alarm?
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