What aspects should be paid attention to regarding tablet anti-theft?

Types of tablet display

Security display anti-theft is one of the types of retail security anti-theft.The security and anti-theft of the tablet is also a very important part of the safe retail anti-theft.What types of tablet anti-theft are included? Let us take a look at them in turn.

Standalone Acrylic tablet security display anti-theft stand

Acrylic is a material widely used in industry. It is used in security display and anti-theft. It can not only show its beautiful appearance, but also realize its stable function.Independent anti-theft device means that only one anti-theft device can only protect one product.
The following introduces two independent tablet acrylic security anti-theft devices.

Independent Acrylic Security Anti-theft Device

This independent acrylic security anti-theft device can be applied to any size tablet.
Because it is placed on a stable board, it can be applied to any security and anti-theft.
The cable connecting the tablet can be divided into three types: Typec, Micro and Lightning. The power adapter can be divided into different specifications such as European standard, American standard and British standard.

Acrylic security display anti-theft device

Acrylic security display anti-theft device, safe and stable.Equipped with dedicated remote control decoding.
The following is an independent security anti-theft device made of ABS.

ABS tablet security anti-theft device with clip

ABS tablet security anti-theft device with clip is also an independent security anti-theft device. One device only protects one tablet.
The size of this clip can be adjusted according to the size of the tablet, generally divided into 8 inches and 10 inches and 12 inches.
The bottom of the anti-theft device is equipped with screws, which can fix the anti-theft device on the table, adding another layer of protection to the anti-theft device.

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Tablet security anti-theft device with 4-point clip

The 4-point-clip tablet security anti-theft device is based on the original clip modified into a 4-point clamp, which can give the tablet more protection.

Screws are also installed at the bottom of the anti-theft device, and a special remote control device is used for remote control.

Multi-port host tablet computer security anti-theft device

Multi-port host tablet computer security anti-theft device refers to a host that can provide security and anti-theft functions for multiple tablet computers at the same time. 
This kind of host can generally be divided into 2 ports and 4 ports and 6 ports and 8 ports and 10 ports.Generally, the host can be placed under the table, and then stretch the line to the table. This not only saves space, but also achieves high-efficiency anti-theft.
The following describes how the multi-port host is anti-theft.

Multi-port host security anti-theft device

Multi-port host security anti-theft device can protect mobile phones and tablets at the same time.

As long as you put different bases and cables, you can mix and protect mobile phones and tablets.

Multi-port host security anti-theft device

Look at this 10-port host, it can connect up to 10 wires, how to connect to different mobile phones or tablets and other products that need protection.

The working principle of tablet security anti-theft device

The working principle of the tablet security anti-theft device has different working principles for the independent style and the multi-port host style, but they also have the same place.

The same thing is that the anti-theft device will alarm when we remove the tablet from the anti-theft device. At this time, a specially paired remote control is needed to stop the buzzer alarm.

The working principle of the independent security anti-theft device and the multi-port host security anti-theft device is different in that the independent security anti-theft device only protects a single commodity, while the multi-port host can protect different quantities of commodities according to its different host types.

Each manufacturer has its own unique unlocking mode for the remote control, so the remote control of each manufacturer cannot be mixed.

Can all tablet computers use the same anti-theft device to prevent theft?

Can all tablet computers use the same anti-theft device to prevent theft? Yes. Like iPad Security and Huawei Tablet Security and Anti-theft, you can use the anti-theft device introduced above for anti-theft, but they use different cables. This cable can be divided into typec, micro and lightning.
In addition, different countries and regions will use different adapters, so when purchasing products, adapters are also different. Adapters are generally divided into European standards and British standards, American standards, and international standards.
Some knowledge about tablet security and anti-theft is introduced. If you have any questions about other security displays, you can watch this article.
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