What aspects should be paid attention to in anti-theft clothing

Which security tags should be used for clothing anti-theft?
If it is just a clothing store that sells clothing, then just use the security hard tag directly.So, what types of EAS security hard tags are used on clothing anti-theft?
1.According to different frequencies, security tags can be divided into AM system tag and RF system tag. The frequency of AM system is 58khz,the frequency RF system is 8.2mhz.
2.According to the different locking methods of safety tags, it can be divided into safety tags with nails and safety tags with lanyards.
3.According to the different unlocking methods of the security tag, it can be divided into magnetic tag and super tag.
4.Depending on the shape of the security tag, clothing tags can be divided into many types, such as pencil tags and ink tags, square tags, golf tags, and so on.

If the securiy label is placed directly on the garment when the garment leaves the factory, this kind of label is called the source label, and soft labels are generally used and sewn directly on the garment.This kind of label can be customized in different styles according to customer requirements, and the customer's LOGO can be customized.
Is the hard tag of clothing anti-theft disposable?
In the case of using hard tags, the tags can be reused. When the nail is removed, the label can be removed and used again.
If it is a soft label, it can only be used once, because the soft label loses its anti-theft effect after being decoded.
Which EAS system should be used for anti-theft in clothing stores?
Which EAS system should be selected for clothing anti-theft should be considered from the following aspects.
1.According to the width of the exit of the clothing store
In general, the detection distance of RF is narrower than that of AM, so if the doorway is wide, it is recommended to choose the AM system. If the doorway is narrow, it is recommended to choose RF system.
2.According to the budget of the clothing anti-theft security system
In general, AM systems are more expensive than RF systems.
3.According to customers' aesthetic requirements, if customers want to make their shop look more gorgeous and beautiful, it is best to choose acrylic styles, because acrylic antennas look more beautiful, but the price is the most expensive. If the customer only requires the anti-theft function, then ordinary EAS ABS antennas and aluminum alloy antennas can meet the basic requirements, and the price will be much cheaper than that of Acrylic.

How to maintain the EAS system of the clothing store?
The EAS system of the clothing store needs to be carefully taken care of, and the power supply must be unplugged after the business closes every day.Then plug it back in at the beginning of business every morning.This is to prevent the device from being interfered by other power sources.
In addition, the clothing with the tag should not be too close to the EAS antenna, otherwise it will cause false alarms.
How to open the clothing anti-theft tag?
According to different security tags, it is necessary to configure different tag removers. Generally, a magnetic unlocking device can be used for ordinary security tags.But there is also another kind of super security tag, which requires manual detacher or electric tag remover.
If you still have any confusion about clothing anti-theft, welcome to consult me.
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