Types of eas soft label and alarm stickers

EAS AM Security Alarm Sticker
The best quality AM label is the Sensormatic brand, which is the best brand in the world.However, the AM label made in China is becoming more and more popular among consumers from all over the world.

EAS AM soft label is a very important part of EAS accessories.EAS AM labels are widely used in various areas of retail security, such as anti-theft for cosmetics, anti-theft for pharmacies and anti-theft for wine bottles, etc.Of course, applications in different fields require different shapes or functions.Then we will introduce different labels according to different functions.

AM embedded label

AM embedded label is a soft label with a sharp point.This sharp label can be inserted into the packaging box, and the effect of the label can not be seen on the outside.

With this embedded label, the integrity of the product packaging can be protected to the greatest extent, because it does not need to be directly attached to the packaging, which may cause the packaging to be damaged when the label is received.

And there is a pointed head at one end of the label, which can be inserted into the packaging box smoothly.
Cosmetic AM label with plastic case

Cosmetic label with plastic shell, the inside is also the ordinary DR label, but a layer of plastic is added on the outside.

Black cosmetics DR AM label

Red cosmetics DR AM label

What are the factors that determine the quality of AM sticker?

1.Quantity and quality of built-in chips

This chip is divided into two different types and three different types. The effect of 3 chips is better than that of 2 chips.

2.The effect of sticker

The effect of sticker is also a very important factor affecting label performance.The effective sticker can last for a long time, more than a year.Poor results of the sticker may only last for less than half a year.

EAS RF Soft Label
EAS RF soft labels have more types and configurations than AM soft labels.The usage method and principle of RF soft label and AM soft label are similar.
They are all disposable, not reusable.
They are all directly attached to the product for use.
They are degaussed with a decoder(deactivator).
But RF labels have more types and shapes than AM stickers. Let me introduce the various RF labels below.
15*52mm RF Soft label

19*65mm RF soft sticker

23*47mm RF soft alarm tag

23*50mm RF security sticker

23*65mm RF Sticker

24*45mm RF Soft Label

24*47mm RF Security Label

25*25mm EAS RF Sticker

25*28mm RF Soft Label

27*67mm RF Sticker

 30*40mm EAS RF Label

30*40mm RF Sticker

In addition, because the area of the RF label is relatively large, it is easier to introduce the pattern on it. Therefore, the pattern or LOGO can be customized according to customer requirements.Let's take a look at an example of a previous case customized for customers.
RF (8.2MHz) label with customized logo

The customized logo RF (8.2MHz) label means that the customer's LOGO can be put on the label, and the back is not visible on the surface. The back is an anti-theft label with an anti-theft coil.

RF (8.2MHz) sticker with customized logo

This kind of custom EAS RF label with LOGO can also be designed according to a special shape, such as this special heart-shaped design.

RF soft labels that can also be printed with barcodes or QR codes

The barcode or QR code is printed on the RF soft label, which combines warehousing logistics management and anti-theft.This method of operation is now favored by many customers.

Let's take a look at the case

RF soft label with barcode

Sticking an RF label with a barcode on a box like this can not only store and remember the barcode, but also use the anti-theft function of EAS for product theft prevention.

EAS soft label is an essential part of EAS system. If you have any questions about EAS soft labels, please contact me.
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