The significance of AM anti-theft system for businesses

On the technical level nowadays, the anti-theft performance of the acousto-magnetic anti-theft system is the most superior, and it can meet the needs of different occasions. As manufacturers of high-performance acousto-magnetic anti-theft products gradually strengthen their understanding of the market and improve their technical capabilities, the acousto-magnetic anti-theft products have also begun to implement technological changes. 

1. Develop an anti-theft source labeling plan, but in actual use, the merchant will attach the label to the surface of the product and combine it with an acoustic-magnetic anti-theft system to achieve an anti-theft effect.
In the case of manual labeling, there may be a problem of missing labels. Therefore, with the development of production technology in the future, acoustic magnetic anti-theft products will inevitably transfer this kind of soft labeling work to product manufacturers. In the future industry, soft labels will form a label on the product from the product production Improve anti-theft chain.
2. Realization of wireless identification technology. When entering a deeper level of anti-theft system, it is necessary to realize anti-theft by means of line connection. In the future development, wireless identification technology will also become an inevitable development trend.
Acoustic and magnetic anti-theft products can be set through wireless terminals, and the number of people entering and exiting can be counted by upgrading the anti-theft system. Systematic monitoring can be achieved by combining network technology. Under this development, the product's application capabilities will become more prominent. Can bring additional help to the production management of the merchant.

The significance of AM anti-theft system for businesses

1. After installing the supermarket's sound magnetic anti-theft tag at the store entrance, businesses can reduce the care of the magnetic sound and customers' employees, and directly hand over security work to the magnetic strips and anti-theft equipment on the sound magnetic. The merchant can arrange more reasonable manual care For shops, when the anti-theft device announces the alarm, they can go to the door more quickly to understand the situation. This can also do the anti-theft work more efficiently, which is beneficial to the management of the entire store.
2. When a store has a magnetic-magnetic anti-theft tag in a supermarket, employees do not need to follow the customer after death. This will allow customers to relax and purchase acoustic and magnetic products in the store, and choose their favorite magnetic and magnetic products, and then Let customers have a better shopping experience, supermarket magnetic and magnetic anti-theft tags can be welcomed by businesses because it can create an outstanding shopping environment and atmosphere.
3. When people see that the store ’s sound and magnetic anti-theft tag is installed in the store, naturally they will not have the idea of ​​theft. In this way, some intruders can eliminate the idea of ​​sound and magnetic through invisible warning. Because the sensitivity of these anti-theft devices is very high Then, you can let the sound magnetic alarm be announced before it is close to the device. Under this situation, businesses can also rest assured that the sound and magnetic security, the installation of anti-theft equipment is already the current trend of anti-theft in shops.

What are the advantages of AM System?

1. At the skill level, most of the RF gates now use analog signals, and the acoustic magnetic gates use digital transmission skills. Therefore, the acoustic magnetic gates are relatively more accurate in signal recognition, and the equipment is not simply interfered by other unrelated signals. Better stability.
2. Detect the channel width. Now the effective maintenance of the radio frequency channel is separated by 90cm-120cm soft tags, 120-200cm hard tags, and acoustic-magnetic door detection intervals by soft tags 110-180cm, hard tags 140-280cm. The spacing should be wider, and the mall installation feels more spacious.
3. The types of products to be maintained. Due to the operating principle of the RF system, RF tags are easily interfered and shielded by signals from the human body, foil, metal, etc., resulting in the inability to complete maintenance functions on products of this type of raw materials, while the acoustic and magnetic equipment are relatively It is much better, even on the products of raw materials such as foil, it can also play a role in preventing theft.
4. In terms of price, because radio frequency equipment is used earlier, the price is lower than that of acoustic and magnetic equipment. However, with the continuous improvement and rapid development of acoustic and magnetic equipment in recent years, the cost has gradually decreased. Gradually shrink.
5. Appearance display effect and raw materials. Because of some problems with radio frequency equipment, there are fewer and fewer manufacturers investing in radio frequency equipment. Radio frequency equipment is not as good as sound magnetic equipment in terms of product innovation or development space.


The above is the sound magnetic anti-theft product. In the future, the region is a deep-level anti-theft product manufacturer with this kind of occupation and good production ability. Only then can it be recognized by consumers. In order to be able to bring better anti-theft assistance to consumers.
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