The reason you must choose the multi-port host controller for security display

Security display anti-theft
Security display anti-theft generally refers to mobile phone security display anti-theft, tablet computer security anti-theft, laptop anti-theft, and so on.Generally, this kind of security display anti-theft includes two types: independent anti-theft and multi-port host anti-theft.
Today we will focus on discussing multi-port host security and anti-theft host.
1. What is a multi-port secure host controller?
Multi-port controller host means that one host can connect multiple lines at the same time, and then protect multiple products at the same time.
2.What types of multi-port secure host controllers are there?
In general, multi-port hosts are double-numbered, with 2-port host controllers, 4-port host controllers, 6-port host controllers, 8-port host controllers, and 10-port host controllers.
3.Why you better choose the multi-port anti-theft host type?
There are several very obvious advantages about the multi-port anti-theft host controller
1.The cost of a multi-port anti-theft host is lower than that of a stand-alone anti-theft device.

In general, the average price of a stand-alone anti-theft device is about 15 dollars.Let's compare the price of a four-port host. The total price of a four-port host controller plus 4 pieces of bases is generally around US$38, so the average price of each anti-theft device is less than US$10.Obviously, it can be seen that the price of a standalone anti-theft device is higher than that of a multi-port host.

2.The installation of a multi-port host is easier.

The installation of a multi-port host is easier, because it only needs to install a host controller to turn on the power.All the bases do not need to be connected to the power supply.Then connect the charging cable between the host and the mobile phone. This charging cable contains both the charging function and the anti-theft function.

3.Multi-port host saves more space in installation

Because you only need to put the host under the table, and then stretch out the cable and put it on the table,which saves a lot of space.

4.How to operate a multi-port security host?
A multi-port security host can usually provide security protection for multiple devices at the same time, for example, it can be connected to mobile phones and tablets and laptops at the same time.
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